1. pushpendrak's Avatar
    Hi Mr. JOHN CHEN,
    Today i visited a retail store Chroma (Bangalore, INDIA), this store is very well known for electronics goods. I went there to purchase economy mobile for my mother-in-law under 10,000/- Rs (~$160 or less), curiously i asked demo person to show Blackberry Z10/Q10, he has show one from its table, i asked to give demo he replied Sir, we have this demo piece only and it doesn't work (as it was not switching on, probably discharged) after he put it on charge after a while when it get switched on it was working fine (may be he don't know how to operate or he was told to say to all customers may be becoz most of the product there i find are from Apple).

    Same way in 2 more stores i didn't find the Blackberry Phones (in one store BB Bold poster was there). But i find the Blackberry Z10 very sexy and good to handle (I want to buy but my Budget always hangs below $200, still i proud i have Dev Alpha C), i don't know why people don't want it or sellers don't want to sell it. i like BB10 OS very much except some of the things (it'll take time to mature).

    In my view Blackberry has a very-very weak marketing and advertising team. they don't train sellers, don't show influence or may be sellers margin for blackberry is very less then other competitors. You had to do something. By competitors rumors are spread thru sellers/retailers that Blackberry is gone and there is no sale.

    I suggest Mr. Chen, you better make your marketing, ad teams strong and attentive to these matters, you better know (I m a consumer and a developer for hobby, not a management guy)
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    03-24-14 01:07 PM
  2. KemKev's Avatar
    Believe me, he knows.
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    03-24-14 01:27 PM
  3. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    BB really isn't marketing ANYWHERE right now, except directly to Enterprise customers. BB simply doesn't have the money to spend on old devices, and the Z10 is more than a year old already.

    Expect to see some marketing behind the Z3 when it launches. Until then, expecting any marketing from BB is just a waste of your energies - it isn't happening.
    03-24-14 07:24 PM

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