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    Hi all and dear Berry.

    This is my random rants about BB OS. Please get me right - in fact I like it. I like it because it's "mine" from the start, I don't need to tweak everything around like it was with android phones. But...

    Dear Berry. Would you please think about supporting UDF filesystem? It's relatively easy to adopt, it's free of licenses and it's supported on all major OS'es out there. And opposing to FAT it is designed to work on a slower media. It wasn't designed to work on flash memory but it was designed to work on CD's that mostly share the same negative properties of flash drives - slow speed and limited rewrite capability. This is exactly what you need for SD card.

    Dear Berry. Why the OS size is so big? What are you hiding there? Whole Android install is 300M while BB10 is 1,5G! When I selected connectivity with a Mac computer option I found that it emulates a usb ethernet card with a list of services on the other side. But... apache? Berry, you already use nginx inside of your Link, why you are flashing apache to the phone? And samba... who needs samba if everything can work through WebDav? Actually i like this "Apple" way of connecting phone very much, but why so many old big software that requires a lot of maintenance? Speaking of software what is about Adobe Flash? Adobe doesn't say there's a version available for BB and looking at version I think it can contain a lot of bugs... I know containers are good, but making perfect software is way better.

    Dear Berry. When I tried connecting to computer I found that not all of computers like your style. There's a number motherboards that even fail to boot with the phone attached. Why are you providing this derelict phone connection option for PC's. When emulated ethernet device is mostly everything everyone can ever want. Probably this can be accompanied with a popping out virtual USB disk if there was no connection made to the phone in 20 secs after connecting it to the PC. This will solve most problems with connectivity and this is very easy to maintain. A lot easier than a number of virtual devices.

    Dear Berry. Why you are still using GCC to compile everything? Apple and Android already switched to clang. And for reason. Speaking of Android I see a mighty wind coming from pNACL. Distributing half compiled binaries is much better than creating special compatibility layer like Dalvik. And we can benefit from this too not speaking of clang better diagnostics.

    Dear Berry. There are things I can withstand. But why the hell I can stop native BlackBerry apps from getting privileges but installing any Android app has no options of tightening my security? Security and stability was those two things that brought me here from Android. If you really want to stay on top why Android apps are so discriminated?

    Dear Berry, I really miss Jabber. There are a lot of other options to chat but... Google Talk is dying, BBM needs installation. In a corporate environment with an OpenFire server (or eJabberd if you don't like java) I have no other options but only Adroid chat clients... And they are still bad at integrating into hub.

    Dear Berry. If you really need to buy something take a closer look at CyanogenMod. They have things you really can use:
    1. Privacy Guard gives ability to forbid any permissions to Android apps. This really would be a good addition to our android runtime.
    2. They too had some problems with getting Google Apps (like Google Play) to work on their OS. And they solved that. There are not so many things our Android runtime lacks like working Google Accounts but this me as your user ditch some apps that really require Google Account. We don't need it to be available right from the box, let it be installable like Snap. This will not break EULA and would give an option to everyone who really needs Android.
    3. CyanogenMod actually does exactly the same as BlackBerry - it favors the User while Apple favors Money and Google favors Ads. Why not assist them? Creating and selling secure Android phones is just business. And good business can result in a good money.

    Dear Berry. I'm dying to be a tester. Do you want to kill all leaks? Make them freely available via Beta subscription. There are a lot of benefits of testing software earlier. And there are a lot of geeks that feel just fine with a Beta quality software. Even ones that would like to take it to the bleeding age. Creating Beta subscription for new OS releases would give you the full control on what would be really released and what would be suspended. Who wants to break their phone flashing it with some weird files ripped of the network if there is an official way to get them?
    03-27-14 11:27 AM
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    Usually I have to deny 1 thing for being unrealistic but i can't disagree with you more of all parts.

    I do think the OS is so big compared to android is there are more stock apps that come with your Blackberry vs Android (Nexus). Not sure about Samsung, they must have big OS files but I have no idea.

    Like the ripped apps from was 1.2GB itself. There are apps like Android Runtime which are 80MB themselves. More examples: that new "Intelligent Assistant" is 200MB (all of the files assoicated with it = 340MB), retail demo mode is 120MB
    03-27-14 01:06 PM
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    Probably you are right as I was comparing to vanilla android like CyanogenMod that comes without any extra junk. And yes, for me Hub, email and browser are 50% of what I actually need.

    Posted via CB10
    03-27-14 01:48 PM
  4. anon(5818411)'s Avatar
    Probably you are right as I was comparing to vanilla android like CyanogenMod that comes without any extra junk. And yes, for me Hub, email and browser are 50% of what I actually need.

    Posted via CB10
    You can always get the playbook/BB10 manager chrome addon and delete all the apps you don't like.

    There are little apps like foursquare which you wouldn't ever think of using. You coming from android use to use Google maps most likely and it had a POI built into it.
    Foursquare/updatein fill in that gap and work perfectly with BlackBerry maps for amazing POI.

    Back on, point just know which apps you delete :P Try the apps first then delete them.

    Posted via CB10
    03-27-14 02:44 PM

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