1. KCAlpha's Avatar
    Following my last thread were i emotionally described the scenario of why i think the stock downing was all planned.
    A few days in, and i am more confused that i started at.

    Stock Market - If the the stock is planning to be sold at $9 why did it drop to $8 has this turned out a bonus buy out or a chance for us to average the stock profile so we can exit with "less lost money" or there is a possibility that Fairfax might come back and say we can offer $7 since no one bothered to offer a better price (to solid my point - Fairfax said, we will >> find a way to fund this << we will not temper our name if we couldn't afford it.

    ASIA JAM - Record number of APPs in BB World, new big apps entering, Z30, BBM for desktop ? Why are you doing this if at the same time in the press release notes it was sort of clear that FairFax will concentrate on Enterprise in plain english drop handsets. Again at the same time whats the use of cross platform BBM if the original BBM holder is not available.

    OFFERS - Free tables with 9720 but not with the Z10 were there is a $1B of written down cost.

    Sorry for confusing everyone with me but there might be someone with a different angle to this point and enlighten us on how anything is making sense at this time or in the future of BlackBerry.
    09-26-13 06:58 AM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    Until/unless the Fairfax deal goes through, BlackBerry has to continue with business (almost) as usual. Nothing is 100% until the papers are signed.

    As to the rest of your comments, anything I say would be speculation.
    09-26-13 09:58 AM
  3. ranzabar's Avatar
    So BlackBerry should close the doors while the Fairfax deals moves forward?

    Posted via my BlackBerry Z10
    09-26-13 01:57 PM

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