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    In the 80s Microsoft bought a company fof an app called PowerPoint and of course that program ceased to exist after than.

    Later, Macromedia, the developer of Flash player sold out to Adobe and all flash content left the web.

    Skype built up a huge user base but they sold to Microsoft so that means you can't Skype anymore.

    IBM sold their PC division to Lenovo so you can't buy ThinkPads anymore.

    Ok, I could go on and on, but the idea that BlackBerry could be sold equals the end pf BB10 and BlackBerry handsets is ridiculous.

    Sure, it could end up like Palm and HP, but even then, HP tried to make it work and couldn't.

    And if you think BBRY is another Palm, you woukd be wrong. They have a lot more going for them.

    They have a niche that webOS never had in security plus the diehard keyboard fans.

    This does not gurgling success, but neither does an acquisition guarantee failure either.

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    09-07-13 09:39 PM
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    You know, the title should have read "company acquisition equals end of product"

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    09-07-13 09:40 PM
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    Gee, you're right. What do you suggest we do?

    - aBBuser seeing squircles on CB10
    09-07-13 10:37 PM
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    This points out the obvious which really isn't the critical question and I don't think what people are really discussing. The critical questions are who might buy them and why - the latter being related to what part of parts of the company were of interest. If someone just wanted BES for example the results works be different than if someone had some plans fr handsets.
    09-08-13 05:37 AM
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    right. QNX was acquired by BlackBerry so you can't see any more QNX products.
    09-08-13 09:40 AM
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    Ok, I could go on and on, but the idea that BlackBerry could be sold equals the end pf BB10 and BlackBerry handsets is ridiculous.
    The big difference between all of those examples and BlackBerry is that those other companies were all extremely successful in their niche before being acquired and integrated into a bigger, better-funded company.

    BB10 has NOT been a success by any measure, and unlike many of those other products, smartphones rely heavily on "network effect" to be successful and desired in the market, meaning that people buy a phone because a bunch of other people they know bought into the same ecosystem.

    You're also not seeing how expensive it is to compete in this market, and when your product isn't successful, you can't make money (and BB is LOSING money). None of the other products you mentioned were losing money or company value.

    There's a reason you don't see "positive outcome" articles in the tech or financial press about BlackBerry: it isn't likely to happen. BB isn't the first company to be in such a position, and won't be the last, but people following tech and the financial market have seen this dozens if not hundreds of times before. BB's situation is beyond dire at this point, and no other company is going to care as much about BB10 as the current BlackBerry does.
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    09-08-13 02:24 PM
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    The whole reason that the company is looking of "alternatives" is because THEY foreseen that BB10 is NOT going to be a viable platform - they aren't going to make money on it.

    BlackBerry has made a number of mistakes along the way to launching BB10, but the truth is they need more 3rd party support and even paying a few developers will giving them a better shot wouldn't have guaranteed acceptance.

    I sure they would love someone to come along and give them $10B for the company and invest another $5 -$10B and a couple of years into the BB10 Platform. And while I think that given enough time and money, there is a possibility of BB making a showing as a 4th platform..... I also think the possibility of something risking that much is almost non existent.
    09-09-13 09:22 AM

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