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    Blackberry's device comeback will come directly from its enterprise capabilities. First build platforms and enterprise solutions for CONSUMERS; not businesses and watch the businesses follow in search of connecting with the consumer.

    The number one problem for most business today is reaching its consumers. The number one problem for Blackberry today, is getting its devices back in the hands of professionals and software sold to business. I believe blackberry can attract enterprise clients by creating a platform that connects the economy/enterprises with the consumer, then creating the device and software that supports this connection.

    A businesses ultimate goal is to market its products to its target consumer. When you think of the state of Advertising and Marketing today, you see that its very difficult for brands to reach consumers because Ad Tech sucks. The evolution of the web points to platform based communities where individuals are served the economy in a one stop shop type fashion. The Internet of things will offer the consumer seamless connections to products and services, that's why it posed to save companies billions.

    The problem is, there is NO platform today that supports the internet of things for the consumer. I get it, tech companies are building solutions for enterprises, but what about the consumer? Will they have to visit brands individually to learn about products or services? That is the norms of today and we see how it doesn't work. We see how brand engagement and retention is at a all time low and expensive for companies. BBM is a great platform, but it lacks key features to achieve the overall goal, it also lack intention.

    If blackberry really wants to be a leader in smart devices and IOT solutions, it has to target the consumer first. Blackberry has to position its self in the middle of the consumers and enterprises in a intentional way. This creates an opportunity to sell its enterprise solutions followed by its devices. This is easy today because no one else is doing it. There is NO social platform that connects brands with users. Most brands have yet to bring advertising dollars online because today's advertising is inefficient.

    I'm not a technical person, the average smart phone user isn't a technical person. The future of device sales wont be based on tech/security. It'll be based on the consumers perception. I have conceptually created a platform that bridges the consumer/brand relationship and we can all guess who i see in the middle of it all.

    Web 3.0 is unavoidable. Its coming. If i said i can predict what it will look like, i would simply be saying i knew what someone else is going to do. The only way to accurately predict what Web 3.0 would look like, is to build it yourself.

    To recap, I am advocating for a Social Platform that is expansive in ability. This platform bridges the gap between enterprises and consumers. This creates a door for blackberry to sell its enterprise solutions to consumers in a way that will open the door for device sales. This is like me saying i have Itunes and an APP store; who wants to sell an Iphone on top of it.
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    I stopped reading at "Blackberries."
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    I changed it.
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    What kind of enterprise solutions for the consumer are you talking about?

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    06-07-15 08:39 PM
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    A platform connecting brands with consumers? Such as myself?
    Where I have control what data I share and what happens to it? I'm in...

    Best automated fridge? With built-in price checker? Just punch in weekly grocery budget, shopping list and meal plan and it gets me the best prices and stuff delivered to my door? I'm in... haha! :-D

      Queen's Birthday weekend - it's over!...  
    06-08-15 04:47 PM

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