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    Correct me if I am wrong, but this is what I've come up with based on the most recent Transcripts.
    Understanding BlackBerry's Fiscal Year(s)
    FQ = Fiscal Quarter
    YE = Year End
    Q = Quarter
    Fiscal Year = Actual Year
    4th FQ 2014 = 1st Q 2014 & YE

    1st FQ 2015 = 2nd Q 2014
    - Launch of the Z3 in Indonesia & EZ Pass/BES12 Beta Available

    2nd FQ 2015 = 3rd Q 2014
    - Q20 Released to Dev's for Beta testing & Z3 LTE Model Launched in more Countries (USA/Canada etc.,)
    - Mystery Device that’s suppose to Attract New Customers via Several John Chen Interviews Launched. (Full Touch Z50 Model IMO). You won't get new customers with a QWERTY.

    3rd FQ 2015 = 4th Q 2014
    - BES12 Comes out of Beta and Officially Launched – Q20 Released.

    4th FQ 2015 = 1st Q 2015 & YE
    - Cash Flow Even/Positive

    1st FQ 2016 = 2nd Q 2015
    2nd FQ 2016 = 3rd Q 2015
    3rd FQ 2016 = 4th Q 2015
    4th FQ 2016 = 1st Q 2016 & YE

    (Correct me if I am wrong with the Fiscal Years)
    John Chen stated he's going to work hard to Rectify Carrier Relations and Boost Strategic Marketing Efforts to help push Device Sales. But the company needs to be at a certain point in its recovery before this can happen. I believe the company has reached that point, hence the Z3 Release scheduled for April 2014. The marketing push starts.
    04-01-14 06:01 AM
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    I doubt it. I am not a person with economic acumen, so pardon my thoughts on this if I am wrong. However I strongly feel that in the previous quarter where BlackBerry held its first financial quarter under John Chen I feel that the announcement of Jamaica Z3 was just only a nod or confirmation by John Chen what he feels that the previous management has done right in making money.

    I also feel that John Chen is distancing the company from the hail Mary pass-esque moves that Thorsten Heins took and instead trying to make as much money grab as possible.

    I feel that even for the new BES 12, it is only aimed at making money easily, to stem the bleeding in the enterprise sector. What I think will happen is the hopes for BlackBerry to win back customers on the services side, with or without BlackBerry devices. That would be the cornerstone of John Chen's efforts for a turnaround. At least financially.

    Posted via CB on BB10
    04-01-14 06:22 AM
  3. AtInsider's Avatar

    Interesting point. But my question is how many none BlackBerry devices is BES10 currently managing? IMO, not very many. In order to ensure BES10/12 remains successful, BlackBerry has no choice but to stimulate its BB10 hardware division as much as possible. And this is what I believe John Chen is leading up to do. But you can't just throw money into Marketing and without a solid strategy and the company is somewhat healthy book wise.

    They need to 1st stop bleeding cash. As soon as there is progress and the company is heading to break even, I can see John beefing up marketing and rectifying carrier relations. Actually he's already rectifying carrier relations. The question is, when will we finally see a strong marketing campaign within the regulated industries? Hopefully soon,
    04-01-14 02:35 PM

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