1. leejayh's Avatar
    There are lots of us who really enjoy the z10 phone! But it is time to release a refreshed version that keeps this form factor competitive.

    You got all the goodies in the q10 and the z30. Take the best of the best and stick it into a better z10.

    Slightly larger screen 4.7 LCD not amoled
    Paratek antenna
    Wifi direct
    Snapdragon 801
    3 gb of ram
    Better camera
    Z30 speakers

    Removable battery
    Hdmi out
    Rubberized back

    Cool style please

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    03-28-14 08:56 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    BIGGER battery capacity too. stretch it as far as possible!
    03-28-14 09:06 PM
  3. Numero12's Avatar
    So, why don't You just buy a Z30?!!!

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    03-28-14 09:19 PM
  4. leejayh's Avatar
    Already have one. Too big. Need the z10 form factor. I know they could shoehorn a 4.5 or 4.7 screen in it like the moto x

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    03-29-14 07:08 AM
  5. Numero12's Avatar
    leejayh OK I understand, casually I was thinking to move from Z10 to Z30 cause I want a bigger screen

    Posted via CB for BlackBerry Z10
    03-29-14 07:10 AM
  6. swapnilsj's Avatar
    don't know why STL100-1 Is always left alone for the leaks...??
    I want upgrade...

    Posted via CB10 with lovely Z10...
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    03-29-14 07:19 AM
  7. drkpitt's Avatar
    Agreed with all the points as well as the need for a much bigger battery. I have the Z10, Z30, Q10, and Motox (for work.) The Z10 is my daily driver and is used 99.5% of the time.

    The Motox has a big 4.7" screen in a smaller form factor than the Z10 (which shows how much dead bezel space it has.) It's also much thinner than the Z10. I actually like the AMOLED screen of the Motox which is as sharp and bright as the Z10. The Z30's and Q10's AMOLED screens are dim and dull by comparison. I'm not sure why BlackBerry used such mediocre AMOLED technology.

    A few people I've loaned Z30s to agree it's too big for their needs even after some practice. And this even from a person who is 6'6" and has gigantic hands.

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    03-29-14 09:54 AM
  8. Heinz Katchup's Avatar
    So, why don't You just buy a Z30?!!!

    Posted via CB10
    Because AMOLED display.

    Great post OP. Could not agree more. Basically the Z10+ has to have all the internals of the Z30. While maintaining the award winning outer design of the Z10.

    Agree whole heartily with the upper limits of 4 inch screen size. As well as keeping the removable battery option.

    Also the people have spoken. The Z10 is the most used BB10 device. Get on it BlackBerry!

    Posted via CB10
    03-29-14 10:16 AM
  9. Bbnivende's Avatar
    I agree but they need to revive the Z10 now. NOW. A uniform worldwide price of $ 299 , larger battery with a revised cover and a two year warranty.

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    03-29-14 11:39 PM

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