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    With it's groundbreaking innovation I don't see why the Passport keyboard can't be implemented in laptops via licensing... utilising the same intuitive software into the OS. Yes some R&D resources (financial and labor) would be involved.

    Even better for PCs they can have a BlackBerry aftermarket ergonomic keyboard, again with the flick to type, swipe to delete features, etc.

    Who knows, Chen seems to be good enough to strike a deal with big enough players in the pc/ laptop space to have their keyboards shipped with BlackBerry hardware and software.

    The world trusts a BlackBerry keyboard, so it should be a natural progression to develop in that space, work is BlackBerry's to transfer that trust from mobile device keyboard to mainstream keyboard and eventually own much of that marketshare. Other industries can also utilize this tech like specialist equipment keyboards used in medical field, spacecraft, manufacturing, just about anywhere that has a keyboard and a screen.

    Who knows, maybe if BBRY ever explores this there might even be a keyboard division of the business.

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    BlackBerry owns the QWERTY market, not sure how much headway they would make beyond this.... especially when they are using other peoples patents for a lot of the virtual stuff.

    Have seen some pretty cool Virtual Keyboards for PC, that use Gestures for navigation. Most are nothing more than prototypes as they cost were prohibitive for just everyday use. But there was one using a Kinect type device that was pretty interesting.
    12-29-14 11:47 AM
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    I agree OP, BlackBerry keywords are legendary, they should spill over into other devices. I was at a friends house over x-mas and they have a new wifi TV, waving the controller around to type on the screen is ridiculous, I thought having a keyboard on the remote made more sense. Make it a blackberry controller and throw in the track pad to boot.

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    12-29-14 05:05 PM

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