09-05-14 02:36 PM
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    Why would Nintendo ever want to use a competitor's platform such as iOS, where they would have to give Apple 20% of their sales? Doesn't matter if Apple is the dominant phone OS in Japan or elsewhere. Nintendo is all about controlling everything to ensure they make a profit on hardware and software and keep all the IP.

    So, if they were to decide it's in their best interest to license an operating system instead of using their own, they would want a Linux/Unix variant that minimizes GPL or other such licenses or they would look for a good embedded OS such as QNX.

    My point was that they could license a capable embedded such as QNX, and build out a Nintendo gaming platform without having to recreate everything from scratch. Doesn't need to involve BB10 or BES, nut such services can help build a Nintendo phone if they don't already have one.
    09-05-14 02:36 PM
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