09-05-14 02:36 PM
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  1. Sniper535i's Avatar
    Blackberry and Nintendo collaboration. The was I see it these are two great companies that have seen better days. I know there are many people that would love to have nintendo games on their phones. Why not blackberry? OS10 is a great platform and I believe with a few more updates many people would want to switch back if they could get say Mario Kart on their phones. Nintendo could sell their apps and possibly controllers and accessories, maybe gaming cross-platform from the DS line to Blackberry versions.

    anyways, just an idea.

    alright, bring the heat...

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    02-04-14 12:18 AM
  2. LostOnThePianoRoll's Avatar
    You just officially killed the enterprise section in my opinion, but the other youth section will be pretty pumped, just give us pokemon :P

    Posted via CB10 on my Z10STL100-1/
    02-04-14 05:49 AM
  3. SunshineStateFlyer's Avatar
    Not a good idea in my opinon out of a management perspective. The focus of the two companies is completely different. Basically BlackBerry is trying to sell effective business tools and a mobile computing experience. Playing games has not much room in that market.

    Additionally I think it does not make much sense to team up with a company that struggles itself.

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    02-04-14 06:07 AM
  4. imcrackedout's Avatar
    At first glance I thought it was a good idea, but teaming up two huge underdogs is not that cleaver. Why do I always fall for the underdog
    thinking about it some more now......
    Nintendo does have a nice bank account, and tapping into the resource of the young emerging Asian market is a good idea.....Imagine a bb powered Wii-mote/tablet? start brain washing the young as Apple does with their tablets.
    02-04-14 06:46 AM
  5. Sniper535i's Avatar
    Why can't blackberry do games and business? Sounds like a risky move but with the right moves they can pull it off. They already have the business side figured out.

    The thing is that in the eyes of the average consumer, it's become irrelevant. I have friends and coworkers that I consider as average consumer and they just love their iphones and all the silly apps on the stupid thing. I don't see blackberry winning them over again. I think the damage has been done. that's why the sales of blackberry phones have been on the decline.

    I don't see a new phone with top specs changing anything or even a cheap affordable phone. consumers would rather buy a cheap android. The only way I see Blackberry getting people back is to do something epic, something monumental. Hardware isn't going to cut it because the average consumer doesn't even truly understand what it means.

    Another thing, people love the cameras on their iphones and androids, Blackberry needs a better camera, the front facing camera was a step in the right direction but blackberry needs to exceed in these categories for it to be appealing to iOS and Android users it can't just be mediocre.

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    02-04-14 08:35 AM
  6. Mike88888's Avatar
    Not the image BlackBerry is looking for.

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    02-04-14 08:59 AM
  7. SubCamp's Avatar
    Great idea, however I don't think it's smart to partner with another failing company..

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    02-04-14 09:02 AM
  8. donnation's Avatar
    Nintendo is struggling as you said. What sense would it make for them to partner with a company with next to zero market share? If anything they'd want to get their games out on established platforms like iOS and Android. BB would be last on their list right now. I highly doubt people would jump ship to BB because of some Nintendo games. People aren't buying their consoles now for their games so I don't think having it on a phone would make much of a difference.
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    02-04-14 09:05 AM
  9. ChrisHewer1's Avatar
    Retroarch kind of kills that idea. I have all the Nintendo on my BlackBerry that I want.

    Toasted via CB10 & Z30
    02-04-14 11:42 AM
  10. tonytraj17's Avatar
    would be nice
    02-04-14 11:47 AM
  11. kazakoshi's Avatar
    It's not likely but I want it. Super Mario is always my favorite & if I could play them on my Q10 ( I'll even buy Z30 just for that), I'll be super excited!
    Then I don't have to upgrade my DS

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    02-04-14 03:30 PM
  12. nt300's Avatar
    This would be a good idea IMO. Cater to 2 segments in the industry, the Enterprise & Consumer markets. I would even go as far as to licencing BB10/QNX to Nintendo for a possible BlackBerry Gaming Devices backed by Nintendo called perhaps the "PlayPhone" and a re-launch of a more up-to-date "PlayBook".
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    02-05-14 05:31 AM
  13. John Vieira's Avatar
    Nintendo refuses to make 1st party games for 3rd party hardware.


    I'd like to see BBM on the 3DS and WiiU

    Via Z30
    02-05-14 05:34 AM
  14. hashtagwinning's Avatar
    I'd love a BlackBerry 3DS haha.
    Actually I don't know if it's been mentioned but the guys at Danger (Sidekick) put together a prototype Sidekick that could also run GBA cartridges!
    Buy Nintendo turned them down

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    02-06-14 08:10 AM
  15. leojzueg's Avatar
    Great Idea

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    02-10-14 08:47 AM
  16. Paul Callahan's Avatar
    These are 2 Stocks I keep an eye on with Super Stocks app.. yes 2 similar situations of companies that have seen better days..
    I'm just waiting! For nintendo to come back with something..ah the nostalgia of Tecmo Bowl.. lol

    From my Q10, Waiting for OS 10.2.1 from T-Mobile
    02-12-14 08:14 PM
  17. RyanGermann's Avatar
    You know the Wii U is a pretty good system... it's suffering from the same marketing messaging confusion as BlackBerry is. Frankly, Nintendo should focus more on the traditional Wii gaming control scheme, less on that second screen (that I believe in the minds of consumers sets up one player in a multi-player environment as having an unfair advantage over other players, but really, it's meant to enhance single player experiences, and introduce "dungeon master" type game play among a group of 5 players, not 4, but that's part of what's not understood).

    If Nintendo wants to sell a LOT MORE Wii U consoles, get Bayonetta 2 out A.S.A.P. as a Wii U exclusive with a not-so-hidden totally nude "easter egg", and "parents concerned for children playing video games" be damned (mark the thing "triple MMM for MM-MMM-MMMMature!")

    That, plus the inevitable mass media coverage / moral outrage and the new lower price = profits up Up UP! Oh, but sales of Mario and Luigi lunch boxes may go down a bit.
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    02-12-14 08:23 PM
  18. Paul Callahan's Avatar
    Yeah, my little brother has Wii.. but I've had this yearning to 'try out' a Wii U even though i have an Xbox 360 and play BF4 and the older COD's, etc.. Nintendo were their own pioneers in the video game industry.. Damn it I may have to get a Wii U.. (was waiting to see when their next console would be released..)

    From my Q10, Waiting for OS 10.2.1 from T-Mobile
    02-13-14 10:46 AM
  19. RyanGermann's Avatar
    Yeah, my little brother has Wii.. but I've had this yearning to 'try out' a Wii U even though i have an Xbox 360 and play BF4 and the older COD's, etc.. Nintendo were their own pioneers in the video game industry.. Damn it I may have to get a Wii U.. (was waiting to see when their next console would be released..)

    From my Q10, Waiting for OS 10.2.1 from T-Mobile
    deus ex: human revolution was one of my favourite games on the PC and supposedly the controller screen is used to good effect. It's on my list, having just finished PikMin 3, which is great.

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    02-14-14 07:41 PM
  20. grover5's Avatar
    Sounds great to me. I'd play Mario brothers all day on my z10 if I could.

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    02-14-14 08:27 PM
  21. Erik Lehman's Avatar
    I like it. I love nintendo.

    02-14-14 08:33 PM
  22. Paul Callahan's Avatar
    Thanks @RyanGermann. I will look into Deus Ex.. I love the Wii U. Have had it for just under a month.. its a great change playing nintendo's exclusives and with friends. : )

    Q10 on T-Mobile
    08-31-14 07:50 AM
  23. BanffMoose's Avatar
    Just my $0.02 cents and ramble:

    IMHO, Nintendo's main concerns would be piracy, system latency and content distribution. My uneducated guess is that QNX may be able to provide Nintendo with comfort that a QNX powered console can't be rooted so Nintendo's game DRM can't be bypassed. QNX may be able to satisfy their system latency concerns but I read elsewhere that Nintendo likes to write code that talks directly to the hardware. Don't know if QNX would allow that.

    If Nintendo can get over not owning the OS BlackBerry/QNX could bring more things to the table for Nintendo such as HD audio, video conferencing, good radio stack for online gaming, secure end-to-end delivery of electronic games, phone software, game controller support (MOGA, et al), statistics via Project Ion, etc.

    Nintendo can bring all their games and make a Nintendo branded phone that can integrate into cars because if the QNX underpinnings. Although I think I read that Nintendo did some kind of entertainment system for Toyota in Japan. If that's true, then a BlackBerry partnership wouldn't necessarily kill such a joint venture either.

    But again, licensing QNX may prove problematic for Nintendo.

    Nintendo is feeling the wrath of 3rt party publishers because their hardware has features not found on other consoles. A second screen on the Wii U? Game publishers program for the lowest common denominator and none of them use a second screen or the Wii controller. Citing lack of hardware power is just a cope out in my opinion.
    09-04-14 02:30 AM
  24. boeingrules's Avatar
    Yeah, but remember that only serious old men who work in businesses ever own a BlackBerry. That's why we don't need apps or games because there's simply no need for them. The app situation is already overhyped so why would BlackBerry ever allow another game onto the store if there's no demand for them? Tools not toys. BlackBerry is targeted at enterprise so of course they can't pay any attention at all to consumer needs and it's out if the question for them to do something fun and casual, except of course, Stickers, which is very professional and which businesses use all the time.


    But seriously, if Nintendo was teaming up with anyone, it would be Apple. Don't they have like a 92% market share in Japan or something?

    Posted via CB10
    09-05-14 04:14 AM
  25. TGR1's Avatar

    But seriously, if Nintendo was teaming up with anyone, it would be Apple. Don't they have like a 92% market share in Japan or something?

    Posted via CB10
    iPhones are indeed very popular in Japan. Nintendo has been fiercely resistant for years to releasing their top games to any non-Nintendo platforms. Partnering with BBRY and its fairly small potential user base doesn't help Nintendo much. And if they did and by cruel fate the mobile versions sell better on a small mobile platform than on Nintendo's own - oh, there would much wailing in Kyoto that day.
    09-05-14 12:51 PM
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