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    Well, it took me a few days to clue in, but it seems my Yahoo! Calendar sync has crapped out. Stuff created on my iPhone / iPad wasn't making it to the online calendar and vise-versa.

    At first, I tried turning off the iCloud sync to see if that was causing the issue. Nope. Then I went to the net, and sure enough, its an issue, if the forum threads are anything to go by. Yahoo! Calendar isn't playing well with iOS 5 - and lots of reports and frustration out there.

    By most reports, it seems its a Yahoo! issue, though as close as they get to saying so directly is on their Calendar Help page - "We are aware of a Calendar (Proxy error) and our engineering team is working to resolve this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have it resolved soon." Define 'soon' please, Yahoo!

    And excuse me for saying so, but I'm having a deja vu moment with that - as it was a similar posting they made before their decision to stop syncing with BB that brought me to this iPhone.

    Then again, Apple can't be entirely blameless in this - I don't recall any reports from them saying the new OS would have detrimental effects to the sync capabilities of the products they list in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, either.

    Oh sure, I know there are certainly 'better' online services I 'should' be using instead - but Yahoo! is an online partner with my ISP, so I thought, you know, keep it all in one place. Fortunately, I also have a Google / Gmail account and, with it, a previously dormant Google Calendar. So. with a little Export (not entirely cleanly or pretty), I have that up and running and have enabled its sync within Settings.

    Sync'd and started without issue on the iPad's Calendar (I've turned off Yahoo! Calendar until they get their act together), but it took a little jiggery-pokery to get the iPhone's Calendar to find the Google one. No, I don't know why and it seems this might be an issue too with the iOS and Google.

    All's up and running now, but really Yahoo! / Apple / Google - let's get this fixed, hmmm?
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