1. DrummerNick's Avatar
    Hey guys ,

    I just got my Verizon iPhone last Sunday, and I am in love with it. But one thing I have been dieing to finally jailbreak it and start getting themes and so many other reasons. But I'm pretty sure ISO 5 is around the corner and everything , and jailbreak for 4.2.10 is tethered so is it worth waiting for ISO 5 jailbreak since it will obviously be untethered , or should I got ahead and jailbreak 4.2.10 tethered? Opinions would be nice...


    08-19-11 01:10 PM
  2. grunt0300's Avatar
    I would wait for the new IOS to be released. It will be a fresh start for you, and much easier than having to restore to your original IPSW, and then jailbreaking. It shouldn't be much longer until the new IOS comes out, in the meantime, just get acquainted with your new phone and enjoy!
    08-19-11 01:32 PM
  3. DrummerNick's Avatar
    That's what I thought grunt , Thanks a lot!
    08-19-11 01:34 PM
  4. avt123's Avatar
    I have had the VZW iPhone since existing users had early access (pre-release) and I have not had a need to jailbreak it at all. I have owned the 3G and 3GS and had them jailbroken at all times.

    I am currently running iOS 5 beta 6 on my iPhone (have been running iOS 5 since beta 1) and still have no need to jailbreak.
    08-19-11 02:35 PM
  5. pilsbury's Avatar
    Good advice from Grunt. But when you do get an iOS 5 that doesn't require tethering by all means jailbreak. IMHO an I device not jail broken is only using it at half of it's potential.
    08-19-11 05:18 PM
  6. lax42's Avatar
    You should jailbreak and get all the apps and themes that you want. No need not to enjoy your phone now for something that you don't even know when its coming out

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    08-22-11 05:16 PM
  7. garrett's Avatar
    Don't bother you cant fully jailbreak a 4.2.10 device unless you have previously jailbroken the device on 4.2.8 or 4.2.9 and saved the shsh blobs. Since this is a new device i know you dont have them saved.

    there is a tethered jailbreak for 4.2.10 but you loose jailbreak every time you reboot. In order to keep the jailbreak you ned connect it to a computer every time you reboot which is a total PITA and not worth it.

    like others have said i wouldn't bother since iOS 5 is right around the corner.
    08-22-11 09:36 PM
  8. DrummerNick's Avatar
    Okay , thanks for the useful info guys...
    08-26-11 12:39 PM