1. fishaddict's Avatar
    I have never used the wifi on my 3g and was wondering how I connect to it? I do have a wireless router in my house I am just not sure what code or password I need to enter into my iPhone to get it to work. And once I put it in do I need to keep entering it in whenever I am home and want to use wifi? Thanks

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    10-31-09 03:55 PM
  2. Teek's Avatar
    You have to enter the password that you set for your router.
    You only need to set it once
    10-31-09 04:32 PM
  3. gritmaster's Avatar
    Teek is right. You'll only need to enter the password once. From the Settings icon go to Wi-Fi. From here it will bring up all available Wi-Fi networks in range. Choose your router , you will then be prompted to enter the password for the router. You are then good to go
    10-31-09 04:50 PM
  4. wrdvento's Avatar
    Do you leave the connection on all the time for wifi?

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    10-31-09 05:59 PM
  5. Teek's Avatar
    When I leave home I turn wifi off because otherwise when I travel throughout my city, it tries to connect to city's public wifi (which doesn't require a password) and the signal is weak.
    I'd rather just use the 3G connection when I'm not at home.
    10-31-09 06:03 PM