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    Sorry - new to Iphone - really a BB person who has jumped! I have a BTinternet account and have push email on but I have to go into the account before it fetches the mail. This is using 3G not Wifi as at work.
    On the BB of course, you get your sound and the star notification on the home screen with doing nothing. Can the Iphone be set up to do the same?
    I find the things you can change on the Iphone to be very limited compared to my BB 9700 which i had before.
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    04-20-10 02:52 AM
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    Think this is solved. I have a limit of 50 email messages and because this is a new account, it is busily downloading 1200 email messages on the server so the inbox is, or was, always full. Now it is nearly empty and it should now come through and display on the email icon on the main screen. Is this right please?
    04-20-10 05:11 AM
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    Sounds about right.
    04-20-10 08:11 AM
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    A deleted post mentioned Mobileme. I read that you get a Mobileme email address that pushes email form this account but can it be set up to push Yahoo emails or Hotmail email accounts?
    Not spending over 50 GBP on this otherwise!
    And further to my observations above, this Yahoo account with Push email selected does not seenm to push an email, I still have to open the account, then it downloads!
    Not as good as the BB service.
    04-21-10 07:16 AM