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  • I'm an admitted Crackberrry addict...Don't tell my Apple friends.

    20 51.28%
  • There's no Good iPhone forum

    10 25.64%
  • I'm just plain bored

    12 30.77%
  • I need to complain about something

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09-18-11 12:51 AM
49 12
  1. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Some of the vets who have moved on to other devices (and are still here) have a more heartfelt love for RIM than some of the newer folks who publicly "wonder" why they stay around.
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    08-13-11 09:53 PM
  2. LazyStarGazer's Avatar
    I moved the thread to our iphone section, where the iphone users hang out, plus I edited the title slightly, to make it a little more interesting. (I hope) I also adjusted option 2, to There are no GOOD iphone forums. (which I of course disagree with, as I am a tipb fan, even though I DON'T own an iphone!!!)
    It's true. I've seen him there. Doesn't even try to disguise himself.

    For me, the scope of your question is too small.
    I sometimes wonder why I still visit ANY of these forums, mostly because I've grown weary of immature people who think you have to choose 'sides' in the Great (and imaginary) Smartphone Wars of the early 21st century.

    I discovered CrackBerry shortly after buying a BB and I absolutely loved this site and some of the people who I met here.

    When I switched to an iPhone, I stuck around to help other converts, and for the frienships I had made.

    As time goes on, I come here less and less.
    Many I knew have switched to other platforms, or removed themselves from CrackBerry.
    LOL, a couple have BEEN removed.
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    08-14-11 11:35 AM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    I have paid for a 9900 which should arrive next week. I own a Bold 9780. I own a Curve 8520. I have owned a Torch, a Storm, a Storm 2 and a 9700. Also a 8830. I own a iPhone 4 which sold this morning on eBay.

    What's your point?

    Why isn't this TROLLING? Why are Mods participating? You know how this will end. Poorly.
    I believe we can participate in threads as well
    08-14-11 02:50 PM
  4. Accidental Post's Avatar
    I started here a couple of years ago and still find some values in this forum. Plus I like to keep abreast of current phone technologies and Kevin provides that in one place.
    08-15-11 07:43 AM
  5. Brandon26pdx's Avatar
    And why? - Can't stay away can you?

    Is it the allure of a being able to actually hear who's talking on the other line, or is it the raw efficiency of being able to text/email/chat?

    Or are you "hear" (pun intended) so you can complain about how bad our phones are and to let us know how many fart apps your iPhone has on it?

    It seems many of you have dual phones - both a BB and an iPhone....But I don't get it, why?...Seriously, why?

    Is there even an iPhone forum? If so, I think we need to get over that right away.
    troll fail.
    08-15-11 10:34 AM
  6. AugustArborists's Avatar
    I don't see anything wrong with checking out other phone forums, I love my Torch 9800, will be upgrading to the 9810. That said, Apple does make some cool stuff. My wife and daughter both use BlackBerries as well, but also rock iPod touches. Is it so bad to use both?

    I have a 16 GB sd card in my Torch, so I just use it as my "music holder", so I only have to carry the one item (call it what you will, phone, devise, thingamabob).
    08-19-11 10:38 AM
  7. aawilson's Avatar
    First Smartphone was Blackberry. Ditching iPhone soon for Verizon Torch, (fingers crossed), Huge PB user, supporter of all things RIM and QNX. Just cause I have an iPhone, doesn't mean I'm not a Blackberry user or fan, it just means I had an iPhone for a while.
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    08-26-11 11:30 AM
  8. LazyStarGazer's Avatar

    I thought this was TiPB...
    08-26-11 06:05 PM
  9. reeneebob's Avatar
    Because I started here on a BB 3 years ago and saw no reason to leave once I left BB behind.

    Incidentally - I love how some noob who has just joined is spamming the board with multiple threads and questioning those of us who have been here for years. *sigh*
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    08-27-11 09:01 PM
  10. JoJoCal19's Avatar
    The BlackBerry Pearl 8130 was one of my first smartphones and I loved it and I joined this community back in 2007. I then went on to a Curve>Storm>Tour>Bold and now an iPhone 4. I still have love for RIM and I'm looking at adding a 9930 to the mix. And honestly is one of the best forums out there of any forum category. The community here is great and I enjoy hanging around.
    08-30-11 08:56 AM
  11. BrindawithanI's Avatar
    D. All of the above.
    08-31-11 10:44 PM
  12. gmz73's Avatar
    I still come here to read because I have a playbook. But for everything iPhone TiPb is a great site. I enjoy both sites more now since I finally broke down and bought tapatalk.

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    09-04-11 07:17 PM
  13. markhunsaker's Avatar
    I'm here because I have and have had many BlackBerry phones over the years. I currently rock an iPhone 4. But I love the community here regardless of my personal device.
    09-06-11 02:24 AM
  14. grunt0300's Avatar
    Question has been answered numerous times. Please close down this thread, and save the bandwidth!
    09-06-11 11:19 AM
  15. _YoKolorMeBadd's Avatar
    iPhone users are on the forum because its a free country and we're allowed to be on whatever forum we want to be on. We don't ask "Why are Blackberry users on so and so forum". That's just plain ignorance. And yes I have a iPhone that I use 99% of the time.. Just needed a break from the touch screen

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    09-08-11 06:57 AM
  16. Chrisy's Avatar
    Don't forget about us Android users! Lol. is the best smartphone forum, that's why. I like to check up on new devices coming out.

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    09-09-11 12:40 PM
  17. efn77mx's Avatar
    I started on this website with a Blackberry, migrated to Android, and just picked up my first iPhone yesterday. Obviously I don't participate as much since I left Blackberry...but all the same I like to lurk these forums just to see what's happening. I'm not devoted to any ONE phone OS, so my options for the future are ALWAYS open.
    09-10-11 11:35 PM
  18. Pathtek4's Avatar
    I love the website! Had the Blackberry Tour for 2 years, and got lots of free apps from I switched to the Iphone because I wasn't impressed with the current selection of blackberrys and couldn't wait to see what was coming out
    09-12-11 10:27 AM
  19. spectacularone's Avatar
    I'm a crackberry thinking of switching, don't tell anyone! I NEED apps. I'm realizing they just aren't ever going to come to my beloved BB.
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    09-14-11 05:28 PM
  20. mikeflat's Avatar
    I have an apple iPhone 4, and it is working fine. But i want to know more about the new technologies and the changes taking place in the phone and the useful gadgets. So am here to enhance my knowledge.
    iPhone Shame Alarm App
    09-15-11 07:10 AM
  21. grunt0300's Avatar
    I have an apple iPhone 4, and it is working fine. But i want to know more about the new technologies and the changes taking place in the phone and the useful gadgets. So am here to enhance my knowledge.
    iPhone Shame Alarm App
    Try enhancing your knowledge a little further. Go to It's the iPhone version of Crackberry.
    09-17-11 08:51 PM
  22. _YoKolorMeBadd's Avatar
    Try enhancing your knowledge a little further. Go to It's the iPhone version of Crackberry.
    Or you can just go to MacRumors ; both sites are good.

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    09-17-11 10:42 PM
  23. spark032207#WN's Avatar
    Because I have one as well as a BB and an Android...
    09-18-11 12:31 AM
  24. jeffrey4670's Avatar
    I have a Bold 9780 and a iPhone 3GS. I use the BB only for calls, texts and email. After having the iPhone 3GS for 2 years, I find the battery is on it's way out and the on/off switch had stopped working. I have had 2 years of reception problems, calls dropped and sent directly to voice mail, lack of O2 3G coverage. Battery not lasting the day, I could go on. I just use the iPhone for music, Internet and apps, the Bold just as a mobile phone.
    09-18-11 12:51 AM
49 12