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    I wasn't disagreeing that BlackBerry may have a slight edge in the IM department (although I'm not agreeing either), I simply don't have enough statistics to prove a claim at this juncture, nor do I plan on looking into it. However, I still believe iMessage will gain popularity and perhaps lead to a/the downfall of BlackBerry Messenger. BBM has some forty-six-million subscribers if I'm not mistaken, whereas iMessage has the possibility of about as many the day it launches; I may be wrong on my numbers, but I believe the iPhone 4 itself sold well over twenty-million so I can assume with relative assurance that the numbers will be semi-close to those of BBM. I think when iMessage becomes more publicized - and it will, as soon as the world finds out that it will eliminate the need for messaging rates (for a lot of people) and when people start to inevitably liken it to BBM/BBM killer - it will gain even more users than the stock 3GS/iP4 owners who will already be getting it. It may not be cross-platform, but neither is BBM, it's strictly BlackBerry to BlackBerry. Also, if I'm not mistaken, iMessage will be useable on wifi, which will eliminate a lot of carrier worries for a lot of people. All-in-all, I think BBM will have its place, but I think that the already waning sales for RIM will get even worse when people start to realize that one of the last big selling-points for BlackBerry devices is gone.

    As far as the screen resolution goes, I can say that the Bold 9900 does not have as 'good' a screen as the iPhone 4 in respect to clarity, pixel density, DPI etc. Of course I have yet to see the screen on the new Bold, but I remain confident the iPhone 4 has a clearer screen. I will definitely be looking at the new Bold wherever I see it in stores or at kiosks and I will notify you/anyone if my mind changes on the matter.
    Let me rephrase my thoughts here:

    I'm not saying BlackBerry has the edge in the department. The reason they have any sort of edge is it has been around longer and built up its userbase around BBM.

    In fact, the edge that BBM does have (compared to iMessage anyways) (work with cell network jammed) won't apply 99.9% of the time anyway.

    I know BBM isn't cross-platform; and as you pointed out, neither is iMessage. Having a single-OS message app, in my opinion, is smart and dumb at the same time. Smart business-wise as you present the selling opportunity of making sure you and your friends have the same OS to take full advantage. Dumb because as a consumer you have to have the same OS as your friends to take advantage. Which is why it would be nice to just bypass this closed-ecosystem approach to inter-phone messaging and just pursue a cross-platform free alternative to SMS, for which carriers make $$$$$ on. Because undoubtedly you and your friends probably will have different phones.

    The other thing to consider (and it seems Apple is considering) is price points. One of the big reasons BlackBerry has sold a ton of devices (especially to teenagers) is new phones for cheap. I can pick up a Curve on contract for near free now-a-days. The iPhone4 starts at $200. For a parent, the choice is probably a lot easier.

    Now, you might say, "well hey now, the 3G is cheaper; they could just buy that instead." Perhaps. But perhaps it is also the mentality of buying a 1.5 year old phone (old in cellular years) when you could have a new phone instead.

    Anyway, rumor of an iPhone4S and iPhone5 should make a brand-new phone more available to consumers without the high (relative of course) price point attached.

    For the screen, your comparing only specs, which is fine, but my point still stands (especially when it comes to DPI) that the difference in reality is negligible. The larger difference comes about from screen size more than anything.
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    For the screen, your comparing only specs, which is fine, but my point still stands (especially when it comes to DPI) that the difference in reality is negligible. The larger difference comes about from screen size more than anything.
    Comparing specs is usually a big no-no. However, when it comes to something like screen resolution, which is a little more straightforward, a pretty accurate conclusion can be drawn as to which is better when there is such a big gap in DPI.
    08-28-11 08:35 PM
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    And the BB boys will always claim the iPhone is a toy. This is 2011 not 2007. Pulling battery faster...you are truly an idi** my iPhone boots in about 45 secs compared to upwards of 5-10 Mins as some folks here claim time and time again. Please tell me what claim is undone
    iOS open source you bet. The base OS.
    Productivity on the iPhone you bet
    Full email in all of it's glory you bet.
    Better web. You bet.

    Oops I stand corrected boot time is 37.1 secs from cold boot to full signal.

    Please for the masses tell me where anything I have said about the iPhone has been undone.

    6 BB's 4 Android's 2 iPhones I think I know what the heck I am talking about.

    Please at least backup your claims with something because quite frankly you make yourself look like a fool.
    And to add a little video to the thread:

    (forgive the poor quality and low resolution, I am resource constrained out here).

    I wouldn't mind seeing boot times from android and the various blackberries. As I mentioned in another thread, I used to have a Blackberry 8700 (I think, it had the side mounted scroll dial and a 300 MHz ARM cpu) and had long ago switched to iPhone, then Android, then Windows Phone, and now I'm vaguely thinking of going back to Blackberry but don't really know very much about how it all works these days. I like these kinds of threads because people point out things that you don't really get from reviews.
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    I can think of one thing my 9650 actually does do better than my IP4. I have an older car without Bluetooth or MP3 jacks. Because of this I use a cassette adapter to listen to music. Now the 9650 would allow me to make and receive phone calls while connected to the cars stereo and in fact worked as a nice hands free device. However when using the same set-up with my IPhone all I get is horrendous feed back making it unusable as a hands free device.

    If anybody knows a work around for this issue I would greatly appreciate the help.
    08-28-11 10:29 PM
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    Any of the battery puller's ever install a hybrid OS or pay more than 3 dollars for a piece of software?

    Anyway, for those of you who have chunks of your day to fiddle faart around yankin your battery, (alt + shift + del) will reboot your phone for you.

    I don't do battery pulls and I sure don't have any apps that don't work, and if I did have one that didn't work it would be gone and replaced with one that does, even if it costs more than 3 dollars.

    You get what you pay for.

    For the smart azz who wants to tell me about his non-working $30 app, I will have an answer for you.

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    This thread has run its course.
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