03-19-11 04:07 PM
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  1. GolfnCPA's Avatar
    I also downgraded from the Otterbox Defender to the Commuter. Much easier to get in and out of pocket. Also dropped it in my garage last night and no damage at all. Commuter seems to be a great durable case.
    09-16-10 08:24 AM
  2. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    Blue case from DefaultCase - Enjoy $0.01 iPhone 4, 3G, 3GS Cases .99 + 2.99 shipping per case. 4 bucks a case, you cannot beat that. Ordered blue, green and white.

    09-16-10 11:23 AM
  3. moder81's Avatar
    My iPhone 4 is wearing a blk incipio case, with a privacy screen protector on it.

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    09-16-10 09:09 PM
  4. stuaw11's Avatar
    Have a black Speck Candyshell, but I actually like the black Speck Pixelskin HD I got free from Apple better.

    Thinner case (less bulk) and the back doesnt scratch since its matte
    09-16-10 11:20 PM
  5. Tashkin's Avatar
    I have my iphone nicely secured with the Ballistic case. Similar to the otterbox but a nicer feel. I am to afraid of cracking mine
    09-18-10 12:38 AM
  6. iSt0rm's Avatar
    I'm loving my otterbox right now. My job is pretty physical, so I need the best protection out there.
    09-18-10 10:51 AM
  7. BrindawithanI's Avatar
    To anyone who's looking for an OEM Bumper:

    OEM Bumper Frame TPU Case skin cover for Apple iphone 4 - eBay (item 170541086385 end time Oct-16-10 01:14:47 PDT)

    I just ordered one this morning so I'll report back when it arrives.
    09-19-10 08:52 AM
  8. phonejunky's Avatar
    I'm now rocking the iPhone 4 Ballistic case in preperation to my Tour back into Iraq I'm loving this case.

    09-19-10 03:07 PM
  9. BrindawithanI's Avatar
    in preperation to my Tour back into Iraq I'm loving this case.
    Be safe!!!
    09-22-10 08:19 AM
  10. moder81's Avatar
    I used to have my i4 rocking a speck hard candy shell snap on case. Now, I upgraded to a blue/ black otterbox defender case. That's how I roll!

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    09-23-10 08:39 PM
  11. Shanicenicolle's Avatar
    my ebay jawn

    09-25-10 07:01 PM
  12. Raptor007's Avatar
    I haven't picked up my phone yet, but I've already purchased some "clothes".

    Two sleeves from Etsy:

    From: L' atelier de Luluu

    From: The Office of Minor Details

    I also have a Phone Devil screen protector.

    What did you buy?
    Nice case indeed. You could sell those and make a good amount of money.
    09-26-10 09:35 AM
  13. moder81's Avatar
    I'm rocking a otterbox defender case!

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    09-26-10 10:36 AM
  14. ladybold's Avatar
    I bought a NUDE brand case from the Apple shop and then when i opened it I realised it was some really **** polycarbonate thing plastic casing and was quite disappointed.

    Opting for a silicone one now but not sure if it will insulate heat if the iPhone heats up? :S
    11-02-10 11:36 AM
  15. Crickie_10's Avatar
    Can anyone recommend an armband case to use for running that will stand up to the elements?
    11-03-10 12:24 PM
  16. iPhone4iPad's Avatar
    I am using the Case-Mate Barely There Mirror Edition
    Was using Capsule Rebel Yesterday!
    11-05-10 11:44 AM
  17. BBMAN2009's Avatar
    Incase feather. Lite, thin, great day to day

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    11-10-10 09:53 AM
  18. BBMAN2009's Avatar
    Just got a Otterbox Defender. Awesome weekend warrior case. Little bulky for everyday though...
    11-10-10 06:17 PM
  19. Shanicenicolle's Avatar
    case-mate gelli case
    03-18-11 07:41 PM
  20. _YoKolorMeBadd's Avatar
    From Speck

    -Splash Vapor Case

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    03-19-11 02:48 AM
  21. Bazza1's Avatar
    A green (what else?) ifrogz Luxe Lean case and a Dexim anti-glare screen.
    03-19-11 01:58 PM
  22. Crucial_Xtreme's Avatar
    I use a green Apple bumper & I use an Element Vapor Satin Nickel case. The Element cases are great, just expensive.

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    03-19-11 04:07 PM
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