09-04-09 01:48 PM
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  1. avt123's Avatar
    I'd rather sit in a bathroom stall that Kirstie Alley was just in after eating Taco
    Bell then to ever switch to Verizon.
    Hahah. Agreed!

    I don't get why some people believe Verizon is the ultimate carrier. People need to get it through their heads that other carriers work better for some than Verizon.

    I wonder what is worse, an Apple/RIM fanboy, or a Verizon fanboy?
    08-25-09 03:36 PM
  2. jmlampert23's Avatar
    the operating system that verizon will want them to install no the iphone but i doubt verizon will ever get the iphone
    08-25-09 05:32 PM
  3. Danijay's Avatar
    Cingular never... Never... Never ever had better since then verizon just because they changed their name to att who has been around for nearly a hundred years (one of the T in att literally stands for telegraph ) doesn't change the fact verizon spends more on their network then ANY other carrier (6 billion a year on average) and verizon purchased 70% of the lte 700 mhz spectrum . They are owned by the 2nd largest wireless carrier in the world only second to china mobile. Seriously att is not the winning team vzw is the top dog in america... PERIOD!

    U mad.

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    Okay then...
    Do you work for Verizon? A close friend of mine is part of the districtr management team and doesn't push as hard as you. lol

    Anyway, I am very happy with AT&T. They have the best service areas in my region, hands down. In fact, they are the only provider whose products have service inside my home (my Verizon friend was speechless). Not to mention I haven't dropped a call in about 2 years, and I am always on my phone, driving from area to area, roaming, with no extra cost.
    My husband travels every week across the southeast, I can always reach him, which is awesome.
    AT&T also offers better deals on their phones and I can swap back and forth between them freely. (We have 5 lines and 9 phones at last count including the BB Curve, Pearl, Palm Centro, Rugby, LG Xenon...)
    Plus, with 5 lines (2teens & 1 tween), you can imagine the number of minutes we go through. At one point this summer, we had used over 5,000 minutes in one billing cycle but didn't go over our plan minutes. M2M, Unity, Rollover... all great options which save me a bundle.
    We have unlimited family texting, no clue how many of those go through in a month, but it only costs $30. And now we have a small discount on unlimited data, can't wait until they have a better bundle for that.
    AT&T works for my family so we are faithful AT&T customers.
    Isn't that the way it is suppose to be?
    We use what is best for us, or have we all decided to be just alike and travel in packs?
    Are we suppose to dress alike too?
    I was never one to play follow the leader.

    Mad? No

    Oh, and what do you have against Telegraphs? They were sort of the predecessor to wireless, definitely to phones in general. One of the earliest forms of communication.
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  4. Johnly's Avatar
    At&t don't work at all were I live (mountains) we all have verizon so we can stay connected successfully. Wendy is the one with at&t getting the worst service. Even worse than Jack who has cricket
    08-26-09 09:33 AM
  5. Roweazie's Avatar
    Im hoping verizon do get that iPhone. Ive wanted to have that phone since it came out, but i would rather have realiable svc's here in S.FL. Verizon FTW here in SoFlo.
    08-26-09 09:59 AM
  6. timothyt's Avatar
    Forget all this network B/S. Give me a keyboard on the iPhone, and we'll see...
    09-03-09 09:54 PM
  7. kennyl10's Avatar
    I just went through this thread and now my head hurts....Sandos is a huge tool....that is all
    09-03-09 11:33 PM
  8. jmlampert23's Avatar
    Forget all this network B/S. Give me a keyboard on the iPhone, and we'll see...

    the landscape keyboard on the iphone is pretty bad ***. try it out if you get the chance you will be pretty suprised how well it works
    09-04-09 07:16 AM
  9. schizrade's Avatar
    Wow so u guys wouldn't want crazy fast reliable service? Okay.

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    Wow, obvious troll is obvious...

    Verizon SUCKS out here. In fact, Verizon SUCKS in quite a few places, especially outside of the US.


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    09-04-09 09:16 AM
  10. michael24's Avatar
    i wouldnt switch for the fact that i would be afraid of the big v verizon has total lockdown control of there devices they will not allow itunes they make u use rhapsody verizon will never get the iphone untill it is willing to release total control over the device the way at&t has verizon will never do that i promise you
    09-04-09 01:12 PM
  11. aimetti's Avatar
    well i just got my 3gs after being a long time verizon account holder. So far I cant believe the difference in speed and quality. Perhaps its just in my area but here in CT i have 3g coverage almost everywhere I go unlike verizon where I didnt. Heck running the xtreme labs speedtest on my verizon would net an average of about 340 kbps down and 320 up. I just ran a speedtest on my iphone and it is at 2033 down and 254 up. Overall so far so good.
    09-04-09 01:48 PM
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