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    A few weeks ago I was here singing the praises of the Bold (and I still love that device, and admittedly, I may have bashed the iPhone a bit) but I decided to give in and see what all the fuss was about.

    I had previously purchased the 3G a few months ago and took it back after half a day because of what I considered to be glaring lack of functionality, but I don't think I ever really gave it a chance. Of course, I was totally ignorant of jailbreaking.

    So, I returned my Bold, went to the Apple Store, and I purchased my iPhone today, and of course I went all out (3GS 32GB). In for a penny, in for near 500 bucks, I always say (with the upgrade priced iPhone, case, screen saver, car charger, and Apple care).

    First thing I did was run a full restore, via iTunes (that's gonna take some getting used to), then I ran purplera1n, installed winterboard to get rid of that plain, boring black background, and backgrounder to get my multitasking, then ran that [email protected] into the ground downloading apps, surfing the web, etc., until it automatically shut down. The browsing of course, is excellent, and strangely enough, I got used to the touch screen keyboard a lot quicker than I could have ever imagined. Landscape mode really helps. I already feel as if I type just as quickly on my iPhone than I did on my Bold, and this is without predictive text.

    I gotta admit, I'm impressed. The call quality has been excellent so far. In fact, a family member I called complained of static on their end, but it just turned out that they were hearing my oscillating fan in the background. That's a pretty sensitive microphone in my opinion.

    Well, I have thirteen more days to decide if I'm going to keep this thing. I won't judge the battery life until after a few charge cycles. I've turned off push, wifi, and will only turn on 3g when I need it (downloading apps, surfing the net, using GPS, which is exactly what I did with my Bold). I haven't a need for Beejive since I'll just run AIM or Yahoo Messenger in the background whenever I like. And push email was nice...too nice, too addictive. I was loving my crackberry a little TOO much. So, it's kinda nice not constantly looking for leaked OS's, or fretting over which phone is better, because now, I can truly judge for myself.

    But, if the battery gives me a good solid day's use without fear of the device dying, I might just be a convert. Not a total Apple convert. I couldn't afford that. Just an iPhone convert.

    At the moment, I'm syncing over 1,000 songs onto my phone. Tomorrow, the real battery test begins....

    Happy iPhone-ing.
    07-17-09 12:34 AM
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    Awesome man. Couple tips if I may, since you're jailbroken.

    Install iMobileCinema; allows playback of a large amount of flash content on the web.

    Install SBSettings; lets you customize what's toggled on and off and allows you to turn iMobileCinema on only when you want it. *Hint* You have to swipe down across the screen to pull up it's menu.

    Install Supreme Preferences; Gives you a literal ton of customization options; including the ability to Push any email.

    AppStore; Install myBattery - Gives you a really good idea of how long your battery is good for depending on the task you're going to be doing.

    Finally after breaking your battery in there are a number of options if you feel that it doesn't last as long as you would like. You can use a powerpack that is basically a case with a backup battery installed. Or you can use a small backup battery you plugin the bottom. Or grab a Richard Solo 1800 and wirelessly charge your iPhone anywhere you are during the day. I've gotten 3 full charges out of the RS1800 before having to recharge it. You can also achieve a full charge in about 90 minutes. Not bad imo.

    Incase - Power Slider Case with Battery for Apple« iPhone 3G/3G S - Black - EC20009

    RichardSolo 1800 for iPhone - RS001
    07-17-09 01:07 AM