1. NVMY03ION's Avatar
    My wife and I are in Cancun, Mexico for a week.

    On her phone I turned on the world Traveler International plan which would allow us to call back to the US for 59 Cents a Minute. Truth be told it was cheaper than the 45.00 a month plan or whatever. So I was going to turn it off when I get back.

    My wife received a TXT msg today that said AT&T charges 99 cents a meg for Data usage. But our Data Roaming is turned OFF to avoid any fees. We are tethered to wireless so that we can get Data safely.

    So we shouldn't be paying for Data on the Iphone correct?
    08-31-10 05:50 PM
  2. NVMY03ION's Avatar
    Nevermind think I figured that out. Looks like the time stamp on the TXT was before we left the US she just didn't see it on her phone until now.
    08-31-10 06:31 PM
  3. mark_rivers19's Avatar
    i think messages like this are more of a reminder than an annoyance..
    and i welcome any message.. since they're free..
    what i don't welcome is a family member having $500- $800 worth of calls and data for using roaming..
    as always, picking a pre paid sim card wherever you are is the cheapest way to do calls outside your country.
    then there's the VOIP as well
    09-01-10 07:26 AM