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    I have tried And tried all day to set up my gmail account on my iPhone. It's telling me that my user name and password are incorrect, however this is NOT the case. I know this because I went to gmail on Safari and logged in with the same account info just fine. Please help! I don't know what could be causing this?!

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    01-12-11 09:03 PM
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    When you go to setup your account, don't choose "gmail". Instead, choose "exchange". Once you go through and input your log-in info, you'll need to enter the server name: m.google.com

    change all your defaults to that particular Gmail account for your contacts, otherwise they won't sync. This is found under: Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendar->Contacts->Default Account

    Hope this helps!
    01-13-11 12:18 AM
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    01-13-11 08:02 AM