05-25-10 03:43 PM
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  1. AmyWell's Avatar
    I've used Xilisoft iPhone Ringtone Maker, easy but powerful.
    03-18-09 06:26 AM
  2. shaffer's Avatar
    So I figured out how to put ringtones for callers. I want to know if anyone knows how to put SMS text ringtones on a non jailboken phone. I know it works for jailbroken phones. But I really don't want to jailbreak my phone. Also if I decide to jailbreak my phone and make SMS text on it, will they stay on there once I put the phone back to normal?
    You cannot do this without a jailbroken phone. And yes to your last question if you backup and restore properly.
    03-24-09 03:01 AM
  3. TrendyProfessional1's Avatar
    U have to go through all that for ringtones wow....
    04-23-09 08:36 PM
  4. twitch579's Avatar
    awesome good stuff.
    05-19-09 11:25 PM
  5. AZN.M3NACE's Avatar
    For Vista Users:
    To enable changing FILE EXTENSIONS...

    1. Open Folder Options by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Folder Options.

    2. Click the View tab, and then, under Advanced settings, do one of the following:

    • To hide file extensions, select the Hide extensions for known file types check box, and then click OK.

    • To display file extensions, clear the Hide extensions for known file types check box, and then click OK.
    05-25-09 05:20 AM
  6. cwilliams706's Avatar
    Can ringtones be used for the following alerts:

    General SMS (not personalized for specific people)?
    General MMS (not personalized for specific people)?
    E-mail accounts?
    Facebook notifications?
    Visual Voice Mail notifications?
    Calendar notifications?

    Thanks in advance...
    06-11-09 08:17 PM
  7. skoojam's Avatar
    i really wish someone made a simple 1 clicker program for this there used to be one but its gone
    06-24-09 08:43 PM
  8. Indygangsta's Avatar
    thanks for this ringtone i was looking for it
    and to crazetoon thanks for that thread u made on makin ringtones for the iphone saves alot of money!
    07-16-09 05:39 PM
  9. apcarandang's Avatar

    Here's a link to making ringtones. I would say the instructions are basically the same as the ones posted here already but this comes with screen shots.

    08-12-09 04:38 PM
  10. breakdanzer's Avatar
    Guys you should all look up something called iringtunes X......this application makes creating ringtones painless.....it shows ur itunes music, and allows u to edit the length of the ringtone and starting time of it also
    08-13-09 02:10 AM
  11. Joker2's Avatar
    I personally don't like Myxer for the iPhone because I think the ringtones dont sound that good so I leave it for my BB. Check out this site Audiko - create your own free mobile and iPhone ringtones works wonders for the iPhone and the ringtones sound good.
    09-13-09 12:11 PM
  12. dknyberry's Avatar
    This is the easiest method.......iRinger :: iPhone Ringtone Factory
    This is the easiest method I think. No need to convert any files manually. Thanks!
    09-27-09 11:37 AM
  13. gloriaberry's Avatar
    well, i was dazzled by the Iphone but prefer my BB....
    was wondering if there is a way to add custom alerts for text messages and/or voice mail??? the selection on the Iphone is pitiful..
    11-10-09 11:24 PM
  14. Username00089's Avatar
    well, i was dazzled by the Iphone but prefer my BB....
    was wondering if there is a way to add custom alerts for text messages and/or voice mail??? the selection on the Iphone is pitiful..
    Just jailbreak the phone. Customization is almost unlimited after that.
    11-11-09 01:19 PM
  15. crownr0yal's Avatar
    i still use this method even though i have a BB. it's perfect for making ringtones for my Bold.
    11-17-09 01:09 PM
  16. hydr0z0ne's Avatar
    Ok....it's on the desktop, how do you change the file extension? It's also doesn't show m4a after the songname, how am I able to view that?

    Ok, the iPhone 3G is a pretty damned nice phone when you buy it, but let's face it, the ringtone selection SUCKS. You can always buy ringtone capable songs from iTunes and pay an extra $.99 to snip a 30 second ringtone out of it, but what if you want a movie theme song, a cartoon show theme song from your years as a kid, or some funky sound effects you found on the web?

    Here's what you do if you have a Windows machine, or have a 10.4.11 (Tiger) Mac. (If you want to use a full song that isn't 40 seconds or less, you need to find software to crop the section you want. Any Mac can use GarageBand for this, and I am sure there are free Windows solutions as well. To ease the pain of this step, I just download pre-made ringtones in MP3 format and go from there.)

    1. Find a ringtone. I personally get all mine from here at CrackBerry.com (it has to be 45 seconds or less)

    2. Download the ringtone to your desktop

    3. Open iTunes and go to your Preferences (might be called Settings on Windows) > Advanced Tab > Importing sub-tab > Find where it says "Import Using" and set it to AAC encoder.

    4. On a Mac, double click it and it will automatically add to your iTunes library and start playing. On a PC, it will most likely open WMP automatically, so just drag it to your iTunes library.

    5. Find the rintone you just dragged to your iTunes library and right click it, then select "Convert to AAC."

    6. It will create a duplicate of the ringtone in AAC format and should start playing it automatically.

    7. Drag the file to your desktop. (Since the new AAC format ringtone starts playing automatically, it will have a speaker next to it, which makes it easy to determine which file you need to drag)

    8. Delete the two copies of the ringtone from your general Music list (you don't have to, but I don't think you want ringtones randomly playing next time you do a song shuffle...)

    9. See that ringtone you just dragged to your desktop? It should be "songname.m4a." Now, simply change the file extension to .m4r. You can leave the file name alone, or you can make it whatever you want, the important thing is that you change the extension to .m4r.

    10. On a Mac, double click it and it will auto add to your Ringtones list in iTunes. On a PC, you may have to manually drag it to the list.

    You're done. You now have custom ringtones on your iPhone for free, and they can be whatever sounds you can find... as long as they are shorter than 40 seconds.

    I know it looks like a bunch of steps, but it isn't. The whole process takes maybe 30 seconds after you do it once or twice.
    12-14-09 05:05 PM
  17. silentalero's Avatar
    /\ ditto, the itunes method kicks all form of *** when it comes to ringtones
    01-05-10 07:35 PM
  18. osugsxr's Avatar
    just went through on the Iringer for some ringtones...Thank you!! downloaded some tones from crackberry and sent them through Iringer.
    01-24-10 10:29 PM
  19. osugsxr's Avatar
    also for those who have cydia installed their selection of ringtones is pretty good
    01-29-10 08:37 AM
  20. Simply661's Avatar
    I can't seem to have access to change the file name. Why is that. Stupid computer.
    02-03-10 11:26 PM
  21. iPhoneLoyalist's Avatar
    fireflies fm the owl city album i love that jam
    02-09-10 06:59 PM
  22. Mr. Chitlin's Avatar
    My daughter uses Audiko, but that iringer link above sure looks tempting!
    03-23-10 02:59 PM
  23. gotplanes's Avatar
    Works great thanks!
    03-25-10 12:32 PM
  24. Angelstorm99's Avatar
    Hi CrazEtooN I have followed your great write-up on how to get ring-tones to my iPhone.... Surprise, surprise for me to follow any thing like that.
    Have got them to me desk top, but have no idea how to get them to my iPhone.
    I should tell you that my phone is the 1st generation. Also you have to know that I am old and don't really understand too much. Tried Brain.... I would really appreciate it you could tell me what I have done wrong. As long as it is as simple as your other direction..Many Thanks Angelstorm99
    Last edited by Angelstorm99; 04-02-10 at 08:12 PM.
    04-02-10 08:09 PM
  25. tjlamro's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips... I plan to try this very soon on my Iphone 3G
    04-05-10 09:49 PM
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