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    EDIT: See post #2.... I have the answer ....

    I have the new Verizon iPhone and so far have not been able to send and receive emails after setting them up. The RR FAQ page says to do this for the outgoing server: mobile_smtp.roadrunner.com, which I did but still no luck

    Anyone have success with this?

    What is perplexing is that RR works fine on my iPad (when using 3G).
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    02-07-11 03:24 PM
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    After much research I have gotten Road Runner to work on my Verizon iPhone4 ... sending and receiving emails ..

    Here is some info if anyone is having problems: (When I say "YOUR RR ACCOUNT NAME" I mean,for example "tampa bay" "nyc", etc.
    1. Incoming mail Server
    Host Name: Use the default -- pop-server.YOUR RR ACCOUNT NAME.rr.com

    2. Outgoing server
    smtp-server.YOUR RR ACCOUNT NAME.rr.com
    NOTE: I was told two different outgoing servers so I have one as primary and one as alternate. I honestly don't know which one works!!
    Alternate: mobile-smtp.YOUR RR ACCOUNT NAME.rr.com

    3. In the Outgoing Mail Server info make sure for your user name that you put your entire email address. This is shown as "optional" but you need to put in your entire email address and password.

    4. Make sure SSL is set to off

    5. Make sure Authentication is set to Password ...

    6. The port is 587
    02-08-11 04:56 PM
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    I think if you adjust your port, the stock server works. I know I had to do the same with my Insightbb email.
    02-08-11 07:41 PM
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    This does work! Thanks Rosebudster!
    07-25-11 09:22 AM