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    01-07-11 01:29 PM
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    01-07-11 01:45 PM
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    01-07-11 03:32 PM
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    saw that.. fact gizmodo isn't invited....hmmm sounds like it just might be
    01-07-11 04:49 PM
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    The rule of the oppressive, vicious, violent, close-minded sect of AT&T followers that used an innocently created device that was meant to change the telecommunications industry will now come to an end as they lose their power. They used this device to spew hate filled comments on forums all over the world wide web targeting customers of other service providers and devices of "lesser quality, power, and influence".

    As the evil sect and the poison it spewed towards others fades and soon forgotten, the rest of the good people of the world will be able to use and enjoy.... The iPhone!
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    01-07-11 07:24 PM