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    So we have our trip to Puerto Vallarta in Dec. Did lots of reading but most is on the unlocked BB with Prepaid Voice sim with TelCel and MoviStar.

    Now that we have the iP4 we're hoping to use it while down there. Although our resort will have wifi we want to use data while off the resort for such things as the internet and google maps, etc , etc.

    1 - Can any one with experience tell me if there is such a thing as a prepaid micro sim card for the iP4 that will have both voice AND data that can be bought in Puerto Vallarta?

    2 - Also, I remember reading something about these prepaid sim cards are "attached" to your passport so the Mexician Gov. can keep track of who's using them.... can any one confirm this?

    We're in Canada so calling Rogers is not going to help with a unlocking code...

    Thanks for the help.
    09-30-10 11:34 AM