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    dont know how many of you know this. but i figured everytime you want to update your facebook status you have to open app and it loads etc. we know twitter/facebook are data hungry apps and use up a lot of memory. now im sure eventually Apple will update Siri in which we can update facebook/twitter. i did this on facebook because i use iTweet to post to twitter w/o having to open up the app. this work around also works for twitter..but i did it for facebook since thats what i use more. want Siri to update your facebook status? heres how.

    1. log on to your facebook account
    2. go to your "account settings"
    3. on the left click on mobile
    4. link your iphone4S cell number to your facebook
    5. you will get a code sent via SMS to your iphone
    6. input that code on facebook website when asked to
    7. once done now you have your facebook and iphone4S cell number linked
    8. go to your contact list on your iphone and create new contact
    9. name it "facebook" and save number #32665
    10. tell Siri to send a text message to facebook
    11. Siri will ask "what would you like it say"
    12. say whatever you want and tell her to send.
    13. go check on your facebook wall

    since i figured you can SMS facebook to update your status i figured why not have Siri do it. this also works for twitter...but again i use iTweet for that. enjoy
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    11-02-11 09:55 PM