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    So I Jailbroke my 4S and was messing around with it. I'm using v.3 of Absinthe.

    In the midst of doing so, I turned off the phone because I thought my work email was connecting properly (even though it's just slow sometimes).

    When I turned my phone back on, it had reset to factory defaults and I couldn't access Cydia even though the icon was still there.

    I then opened up iTunes and restored to last night.

    After I restored, I tried plugging back into Absinthe to re-jailbreak....however, it said i was still Jailbroken.

    I looked and all my JB settings and apps were now accessible even though I just restored my phone to a point where it was jailbroken.

    How is this possible?
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    01-25-12 02:38 PM
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    So just reading around, it sounds like I'm describing a semi-tethered Jailbreak?

    This is not possible as the JB for the 4S comes only as "untethered", right?
    01-25-12 09:39 PM
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    KEVS all iDevices are now "untethered" check out modmyi.com greenpois0n etc...
    01-26-12 08:23 AM
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    Okay, so things kind of got back to how they were and I've been having some fun...

    Tonight, I installed "OpenBackup" to backup my JB apps and settings.

    This was the last thing I installed before Cydia stopped opening. Now, I touch the Cydia icon and it will look like it's about to load and then it goes back to the folder that it's in.

    Any advice?
    01-27-12 12:22 AM
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    Do a reboot first. If that doesn't work the old lock button home button hold them down until you see the apple logo.
    01-27-12 09:35 AM
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    I ended up wiping, reinstalling 5.0.1, restore, re-jailbreak.

    I didn't have too much in the JB, so I figured what the hey...
    01-28-12 10:10 PM