1. fishaddict's Avatar
    I just updated to 4.3.5, is there an untethered jailbreak released for it? From what I have searched there doesnt seem to be one.

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    09-15-11 11:00 PM
  2. Miz.Michele's Avatar
    I'm on 4.3.3. The last I read from dev team, itsbonly tethered. At least you're on AT&T. I'm on tmo so I have to be very careful because I rely on the unlock.
    09-15-11 11:29 PM
  3. Accidental Post's Avatar
    No. Untethered I believe was last done on 4.3.3 and with iOS5 a week or two away the Devs are concentrating efforts on an untethered JB for it although it has shown to be difficult to do.
    09-16-11 07:34 AM