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    So being that verizon is a cdma carrier and so is sprint. Any way to unlock it for sprint? Also being that sprint provides a sim card with its 96xx series BlackBerrys anyway that can be used for an att iphone? Any input is welcome

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    01-16-11 04:08 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Considering that it hasn't been released, no one really knows. But it's unlikely that the iPhone will be any different from any other CDMA only device. You can't "unlock" an CDMA only device.

    Verizon and Sprint will not allow devices branded to other carriers to be activated on their network. The devices are identified by the ESN/MEID.

    And Sprint "provides a sim card" with the 96xx because those devices are World Phones and have GSM radios in additional to the CDMA radios.

    The Verizon iPhone will not by a World Phone. And even if it was, that would not allow you to be able to use it on Sprint.

    And no, you can't use the SIM card from the 96xx series in an AT&T iPhone in the US. The SIM card is provided for international use.
    01-16-11 04:31 PM
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    The 96xx phones are world phones with CDMA and GSM radios. They can be unlocked and used on EDGE on GSM networks. They can not be moved between CDMA carriers, unlocked or not.

    The iPhone4 for VZW is CDMA only and will only work on VZW...sorry!

    It is possible that the iPhone 5 will have CDMA and GSM radios in it, so you may be able to use it on different carriers. however, the CDMA side will still likely be locked to a specific carrier. Neither VZW nor Sprint will accept MEID's from any phone that does not have their branding.
    01-16-11 04:46 PM
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    +1 Mama!!!!

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    01-16-11 04:48 PM
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    Fubaz, are you following me around CB?
    01-16-11 05:33 PM
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    There would still be no way to activate it on Sprint even some how you were able to unlock it
    01-18-11 11:59 AM