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    I live in a suburb of metro Atlanta. As some of you may know, t-mobile is currently in the process of reframing their 1900mhz spectrum so that device like the iPhone will run on 3G (or 4g as they call it). Well, I woke up yesterday and bingo, 3G signal in my small suburb. I can only assume that the rest of Metro Atlanta will go live in the coming weeks. Il post a screenshot of my speed shortly.

    In the mean time, if you use a 1900mhz device on t-mobile you can report 3G availability at this site Sightings of T-Mobile 3G/UMTS coverage on 1900MHz (PCS/UMTS band II) so people can monitor the rollout.
    09-09-12 08:45 AM
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    These are my current speeds. I added unlimited 4G to my account (no throttling and no overages) for an additional $10 per month so my bill is now $60 per month for 500 minutes and unlimited everything else (sorry AT&T and Verizon suckers). I'm currently using the wifi hotspot on my iPhone to tether my iPad and it works perfectly.

    Maybe it's now time to find an unlocked device (Any AT&T 3G device will work) and switch to a carrier that appreciates value for money.

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    09-09-12 08:52 AM
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    This is the speed I get tethered via mobile hotspot. A little slower but still pretty good.

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    09-09-12 08:56 AM