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    I've posted this in the Bold forum and got a little help there, but I figured I'd post it here too as many (or at least some) of you have probably been through this process before and would be able to explain what happens....

    I'm strongly considering switching to an iPhone, but before going into the AT&T store I'm hoping I can get a little more info about what to expect. Alright, so I'm able to upgrade to the 3GS (but it costs $399), and I've decided to look into it. Basically, I'm curious about the process you would go through to upgrade/sell your bold. From what I've seen, you unlock the bold by calling the service provider and asking for the unlock code, and if they will "release your PIN." Then you switch to a new 2-year contract with the iPhone and choose whatever data/texting plans you want. Once you have the iPhone and everything is set up, you can sell your unlocked bold. So:

    Is what I wrote above the gist of the process?

    Will AT&T unlock the phone/release the PIN if I explain that I will be selling it?

    Once the phone is unlocked, the data is wiped, and the PIN is released; all I would have to do is sell it somewhere (ebay, here, etc). If I do that, will the buyer successfully be able to use the phone on his/her service provider (and more importantly - not get emails/texts/calls that are supposed to go to me).

    I'm not sure if I signed up to BIS. I only have one email (an aol one) linked to my Bold, and I didn't create a new blackberry email account. When I type my PIN on the AT&T BIS site to request a new password, I get an email sent to that AOL account that says my username and password don't exist. I thought the PIN was locked to my BIS account, but supposedly I don't have one? This is where I'm confused the most.

    I'd appreciate any help. I really don't want to go into the AT&T store and screw up somehow (not successfully canceling bold contract/getting charged twice, not unlocking/releasing PIN, etc). Thanks.
    09-20-09 05:25 PM