12-17-09 12:35 AM
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  1. dsvc1989's Avatar
    i currently have a Bold 9000, and i'm eligible for an upgrade thru my ATT service. I'm extremely torn between the iPhone and 9700. I love the iPhone's internet browser and media abilities. And i love the Bold's email system and BBM that helps me keep in touch with family all over the world. What do i do??keep loyal or defect? lol. Anybody switch from iphone to bb or vice versa and not regret it.
    12-02-09 04:35 PM
  2. xxxxpradaxxxx's Avatar
    If you want a new user experience, then try the 3GS out.

    If you're comfortable, and content with your BlackBerry experience, then go for the Bold.

    I like both.

    But I like the iPhone user experience- BlackBerry's are always more of the same.
    12-02-09 04:37 PM
  3. dsvc1989's Avatar
    That's one of the drawbacks i have towards the Bold. Its improvements are only minor, and its still the same experience as prior models. And with the iPhone i lose the ability to chat regularly with my sister a whole ocean away. I'll probably just wait a while before i make any decisions.
    12-02-09 04:46 PM
  4. xxxxpradaxxxx's Avatar
    Why can't you talk to her with an iPhone?
    12-02-09 04:51 PM
  5. dsvc1989's Avatar
    She lives in Italy. I live in the states, we bbm all the time. Easier than sitting on a pc all day on yahoo or something else.
    12-02-09 04:57 PM
  6. xxxxpradaxxxx's Avatar
    Ever consider using Google messenger? Skype? or AIM?
    12-02-09 05:00 PM
  7. dsvc1989's Avatar
    Good point there.
    12-02-09 05:04 PM
  8. mdgsux's Avatar
    Get the BB for the phone and BBM and get an iTouch for the browser, iPod, and games.
    12-02-09 05:09 PM
  9. Username00089's Avatar
    I use both phones and just switch sim cards whenever I feel like.

    12-02-09 05:37 PM
  10. dsvc1989's Avatar
    I use both phones and just switch sim cards whenever I feel like.

    Can you do that and have both work well?? bc that would be an awesome solution!
    12-02-09 05:40 PM
  11. Zed Leppelin's Avatar
    Since you're upgrading don't you get to keep your 9000? Why not just use both?
    12-02-09 05:41 PM
  12. Redenfield's Avatar
    I left BB for an iPhone back in July of this year. I went to the At&t store last weekend and played with the 9700. I think the hardware of the 9700 was the biggest drawback. I'd read about issues with the trackpad pointing "up" on the device and can confirm that the floor model had this issue.

    What it always comes down to is this for me. When using a cell phone as a personal device what is going to give me the best user experience. I love BBM and the speed of the emails on the BB but can't give up my iPhone for the sheer joy of the software. The browser is top notch and my emails come though with all images downloaded and in full. The media can't be touched by any other device.

    In the last month my wife and I have tried the Droid, Storm2, and Tour and after 3 1/2 weeks returned to the iPhone 3GS (At&t was gracious enough to grant us full upgrades if we returned). I was close to trying the 9700 before going back to the 3GS but couldn't get past the hardware and the browser.
    12-02-09 05:44 PM
  13. Username00089's Avatar
    Can you do that and have both work well?? bc that would be an awesome solution!
    Yes stay on the BB plan and everything works fine. The only thing you lose
    on the iPhone is instead of your yahoo or gmail being PUSH, it becomes fetch.
    Even visual voicemail works. I've been using it like this for over a month and
    everything is fine.

    When you upgrade to the 3GS they're going to automatically switch you to an
    iPhone plan no matter what. You won't be able to call and switch back to a BB
    plan until 30 days later.
    12-02-09 05:51 PM
  14. dsvc1989's Avatar
    So after thirty days of iphone usage the sim cards can be interchanged with no problem?
    12-02-09 06:02 PM
  15. my1prince1princess's Avatar
    I have a BB and all of my cousins in Toronto have the BB too. (Im in CA) We use BBM for chatting so now we chat almost everyday, it just really brought us closer to each other. I was thinking about switching to iPhone at one point but I was gonna miss all my cousins so I went with the 9000 instead.
    12-02-09 06:10 PM
  16. Username00089's Avatar
    So after thirty days of iphone usage the sim cards can be interchanged with no problem?
    The sim cards can be interchanged regardless. What I'm saying is that if you
    put a sim card running an iphone data plan in a BB, you're not going to get
    much. Basically voice and text, and media net browser. No push email.

    If the sim card is on a BB plan, you get everything the way you have it right
    now on your Bold, and you can also put it in the iPhone and have all the
    features of the iPhone except the push email.

    In other words, if you're paying 30 bucks a month for whatever data plan,
    might as well make it a BB data plan since you have a BB handy.

    The thirty day thing is just something mandatory. When you upgrade to the
    iPhone, they automatically put you on the iPhone plan. You can't switch data
    plans for 30 days because that's the policy.
    12-02-09 06:11 PM
  17. dsvc1989's Avatar
    Awesome. Thanks so much for the clarifications. It looks like i might get myself a white iPhone 3GS for christmas.
    12-02-09 06:21 PM
  18. erasat's Avatar
    Or just try the iPhone, download WhatsApp now (free for now) and keep an eye on a very near future release for Blackberry (In beta right now), once they are done you will cross-chat with your sister for free, just like using BBM. Believe me it's that good...
    12-02-09 08:05 PM
  19. Teek's Avatar
    I suggest the 9700.
    I thought that Beejive, yahoo and the other IM apps would replace BBM but it's just not the same due to the lack of multitasking. (yes I know you can jailbreak I just chose not to so i can't speak on it). You will Definitely miss BBM

    Both are great but IMO the iPhone novelty wears off fast. (Not bashing at all)

    I also missed the tons of shortcuts of a BB, The Led light, profiles, 1 inbox for emails, customizations. And with the 9700, Batt pulls SHOULD be a thing of the past, time will tell. The trackpad is awesome, It'll take some getting used to the size coming from a Bold.

    To be fair, if you get an iphone
    -no battery pulls
    -no worries of memory management
    -the app store is awesome
    -the iphone just works, updates are consistent across the board

    Long story short, stay loyal!
    12-03-09 09:40 AM
  20. jmckemy's Avatar
    Ironically enough I had to make the same decision. I chose the Bold 9700 because I like the Blackberry experience and it is the flagship for Blackberry (IMO). Now, my wife has chosen to go with the iphone and chances are I will be learning along with her on what the iphone is all about. Either way you go you can't go wrong.
    12-03-09 03:10 PM
  21. ShiPanda's Avatar
    Upgrade to the 3gs try it out, if you dont like it you can sell it. No harm, no foul.
    12-03-09 11:53 PM
  22. walds11's Avatar
    Or you can return it or exchange it within 30 days, hassle free. That's what I did with the 9700 and now I am back to the iPhone 3GS. Hint, hint Long story, but I used a BB for about 3 1/2 years, switched to the 3GS in June and decided to give the 9700 a shot. It went back the evenings I received it. I couldn't take the small screen, cramped keyboard and crappy browser.

    Upgrade to the 3gs try it out, if you dont like it you can sell it. No harm, no foul.
    12-04-09 04:40 AM
  23. auero's Avatar
    I'd get the iPhone simply because you're paying 30 dollars a month for data that you dont get a full experience out of. Think about it, on the iphone 30 dollars gives you email + a real web experience. On the berry.... you're getting a crappy version of the web + email and BBM. If BBM isn't important, get an iphone.
    12-05-09 02:43 PM
  24. CREYNA's Avatar
    So, I had the 9700 and took it back to the store and got me an iphone. I couldnt handle the OS.... its pretty disappointing to me that the software isn't stable and I kept having issues with it even when making calls. I decided not to hassle and just take it back to the store. Another thing is that now that I took the 9700 back to the store the price has dropped on that phone when upgrading or activating a new line. I wish this phone would have worked out.... I was so excited for the release of it just to be let down. I think whatever phone you chose they are both good phones although I personally would wait to get the 9700 until they release an official OS update.
    12-05-09 04:01 PM
  25. dsvc1989's Avatar
    BBM is important!! I love it, it would suck to see it go. I'm debating if that alone however, outweighs all the other pros of the iPhone. I dont think it does, and i can still can change between phones whenever i do want to use it.
    12-05-09 10:53 PM
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