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    Just saw a commercial for the episode of A Current Affair down here in Australia talking about using mobile phones to pay for things. Since I've been down here I've noticed that the media loves the iPhone and always want to show it whenever they can, and true to form they used on in the commercial. From what I understand the iPhone is unable to do this as of yet since they lack NFC. I will have to wait and see the show tonight to see what they say, but i feel soon a lot of people will think they can pay for things with their iPhone.

    I'll update this after I watch the show tonight.

    Update: Turns out there is a phone case you can get that has an nfc chip in it. They did not show off any other phone for some reason. Looks good for iPhone users. Seems Commonwealth Bank has an app ready and they say it could be in shops by Christmas.

    Here is an article I found from PcWorld
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