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    i upgraded to itunes 9 recently, and now i'm having difficulty burning cds. before i upgraded, i'd simply put a disc in my computer, and hit 'burn disc' in the lower right-hand corner of itunes while having a playlist open. since i've upgraded to itunes 9, i have a huge window that says 'playlist' and underneath it, it has a picture of a disc that says 'burn music to CDs' with a 'watch the tutorial' link underneath it. next to that, there's a picture of a present, and it says 'share it with your friends' and has a link to 'learn more'. i've clicked on both of these links, thinking that it just requires you to do so once before burning a cd. it still pops up every time i open itunes and click on a playlist, and the 'burn disc' in the lower right-hand corner is gray, and unclickable. anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong?

    interestingly, if i click on any playlists that i'd made BEFORE i upgraded, the list of that list's songs appear, and the 'burn disc' in the lower right-hand corner becomes clickable.

    EDIT: just downloaded itunes update with bug fixes, and now everything works as usual....
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