1. Stuart Goldberg's Avatar
    I currently have a Blackberry and am anxiously awaiting my Verizon obligation being over to get an iPhone. I am using Apple's Address Book and iCal for contacts and calendar. I'm not too worried about _my_ data (I'm sure the set up software will ask me what to sync to. For my wife, I guess I just create a new calender for her? The address book doesn't seem as straight forward. Currently I am syncing to "All" in address book. Do I make a "Group" for me and one for my wife? If so how do I make the current All my group?
    Also she has a Palm and I'd like to import her current Palm data (contacts and calender). Someone did it for me some time ago, but I no longer have access to him. I have a Mac if it matters
    01-14-11 12:38 PM