08-08-10 03:16 AM
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  1. seyoon's Avatar
    The Evo would have been awesome if HTC gave it a screen comparable to the Nexus1/Galaxy S/iPhone 4. And battery life of the iPhone 4. It's already huge and I don't want to be bothered when I am using the phone if I am using it too much for the battery to last the midday.

    The 9800 has just came out. It might not look attractive to us forum peeps but I'd like to see how the market responds to this. I think it's a big disappointment but I don't wanna dismiss this entirely. And besides, this new OS will give us something to be excited about if RIM has better phones ahead.
    08-08-10 12:51 AM
  2. M7mdAA's Avatar
    Im also getting an iPhone4 , 17 more days till it arrives here but i wont be leaving my 9700 . BBM is a must since it is so popular here .

    What made me get a i4 is the fact that I got a MacBook Pro and they both sync beautifully together , not to mention an iPod nano .

    also , I tested gmail push on the i4 and to me , it seems like gmail works much better on the i4 than on my 9700 (more access to labels etc ) and the 2 way syncing is just awesome .

    Not to mention that my photos get synced to my i4 with labels like "faces/events/places" . So much more organized .
    08-08-10 03:16 AM
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