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    So I've been lusting after an iPhone since they first came out and I don't think I can hold myself back any longer - but I have a few questions first. I'm currently with VZW and have a Blackberry Curve - plus 3 other regular phones for my wife, dad and mother-in-law.

    Anyway - I'm thinking that I'll get just an iPhone by myself to make sure ATT is ok in my area (we all have great coverage with VZW) before I cancel my VZW service.

    Here is my list of questions:

    1. Is it true I have 30 days to try out ATT and an iPhone and can return it and cancel if I'm not happy with the service? Is there a restocking fee for the iPhone?
    2. If I get an iPhone 3Gs 16gb and decide I like ATT and want to continue with it - will I be able to exchange it for a 32gb model before my 30 day trial is up? I'm trying to keep the "try out" as cheap as possible.
    3. If I want to keep ATT - will I be able to swap my current VZW number over to my iPhone later since I started a new plan with ATT and got a new number?
    4. Can I convert the ATT plan to a Family plan like I have with ATT and move my wife's, dad's and mother-in-law's numbers to it?
    5. Can I add a second iPhone to my plan for my wife if I decide to stay with ATT?
    6. Does anyone know if VZW's etf is pro-rated - or am I stuck paying $175 in full? What about the other 3 phones on my plan - does each one get hit with an etf or just the main one?
    7. I've heard a common iPhone complaint being email not being "immediate" - I'll admit it's nice on my BB but my job does not require me to get my emails immediately - once every hour or so would be fine - will an iPhone allow that?
    8. Can I set up multiple email accounts with an iPhone - like my pop3 work and home - plus Gmail and a couple of others?
    I appreciate any replies anyone can offer - I do plan on stopping by both VZW and ATT with my questions this week one day - but I know the knowledge here is probably better than I'm likely to get at either of my retail locations.

    Thanks in advance!
    07-05-09 06:13 PM
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    1. Yes that's true, and I believe it's a 10% restocking fee... I'm not fully positive on the number, but there is a restocking fee, for sure.
    2. Yes, but you'd have to pay the difference and also possibly the 10% restocking fee, as long as you're within the 30 days.
    3. Yes, you can always port your number.
    5. Is she already with AT&T or would you be opening a new line?
    6. Just whichever one you're canceling or porting over. If you're canceling all of them, each one will get hit with the ETF.
    7. iPhone does have push email, but only for email services that have this feature. For all other ones that don't, you can set your iPhone to check for mail every 15, 30, or 60 minutes.
    8. Yes.
    07-05-09 06:20 PM
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    1. I believe so....yes to a restocking fee.
    2. No, you'll have to pay more for the 32GB model. Why not just "try out" with the 32 GB model and then turn it back in if you don't like it?
    3. Yes as long as your Verizon account isn't closed.
    4. Yes you can.
    5. Yes, that's if you have a Family plan or you'd like to add another line to your account for your wife.
    6. I am not sure.
    7. You're right, iPhone email isn't immediate. You can set email on your iPhone to be "pushed" to your iPhone every 1 hr if you want...or even every 15 min.
    8. Yes.
    07-05-09 06:22 PM
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    Gah! So on a vzw family plan every phone gets whacked with an etf if I switch to att? I thought it was only the main number that got it. So I'd have to wait til every phone is past its renew date to avoid 4 etfs?

    Thank you for the replies.

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    07-05-09 06:41 PM
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    Gah! So on a vzw family plan every phone gets whacked with an etf if I switch to att? I thought it was only the main number that got it. So I'd have to wait til every phone is past its renew date to avoid 4 etfs?

    Thank you for the replies.

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    I believe you can just cancel your one line with the ETF and the others would stay on the Verizon family plan. Unless you wanted to switch everyone on the plan to at&t, then you'd have to pay the ETF for all lines.
    07-05-09 06:54 PM
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    4 - Yes, minimum of two lines have to be active.

    5 - Yes, you can add her line to your account. As long as you both have the same area code, there shouldn't be any issues.

    6 - Depends when you started those lines. With AT&T, all new lines started or new contracts signed after May (I believe it was May) of 2008 were able to take advantage of the prorated ETF. Verizon, you would have to call and ask.
    07-05-09 09:19 PM
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    Thanks again guys - just to clarify one thing:

    If I would decide to stay with ATT and iPhone - ATT will be ok with me porting my current VZW number over to them and replacing the "new" number they give me for the iPhone with my old VZW number?
    07-06-09 04:22 PM
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    I just switched from ATT (before my 30 days were up) with an Iphone and here is what happened.

    I bought the new phone at ATT and loved it (problem was minutes too expensive no fault of the phone that I changed to the Pearl with another carrier) to return it I just brought the phone in and they gave me my money back (minus the 10% restocking fee) the problem is if you get the phone without porting your number you will be stuck with that number or you can get your number ported onto a free phone and switch the sim cards (remember you have to have the Iphone data plan on each line that has an iPhone) also if your porting emails from an exchange server then you will need to make sure that they are iphone compatible because my company only supports Blackberry because they would have to have more servers to support the more rare iPhone or Windows enabled. So overall learn as much as you can from your company the push feature isn't bad on the iPhone I got my emails rather quick and you can make it check yourself. Overall its not a bad phone but its more toy then tool in my opinion (the Wifi calling features on the Blackberry are whats keeping me with the Pearl on Tmobile.)
    07-06-09 04:31 PM