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    Alright So my contract expires with at&t in about a month
    its seems like they treat newer customers better with the deals
    (ive been a customer for over 5 years)
    is it better to wait until my contract is up or too upgrade?

    i have a Curve 8310 that ive had for 3 years.

    I"m debating weather to get a 9700 or an iPhone 32gb

    In my opinion is there anything really better about the 9700 over the 8310 besides the wifi(witch i definitely want)

    I looked over the stats for the iPhone and the 9700 they all look pretty equal in features besides a few. (Price isnt really a concern as long as its not more than 500)

    I went to the apple store and the guy was just i dont know i don't use blackberrys

    any experiences or advice would be greatfull
    11-30-09 09:45 PM