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    Really we all need to understand that there is not or ever will be "one phone to rule them all". It's like saying that pizza is a steak killer. I think the I-phone is a really cool phone, but I own a storm. I like my storm, some days it likes me. I also think the Pre is a cool phone. That's just me. I think blondes are the bee's knees, but my friend likes red heads. Why would I go on to RedHead4life.com and post about how nuts they are because it is proven blondes are far, far hotter. It's my opinion. It makes my blonde girlfriend no less attractive to me, and I don't care if everyone else agrees with me or not. I do not factor in what people on the web think of my girl or phone. I factor in my needs, wants, and likes. It's how we all are. I don't look to build my self confidence by having the biggest best and then flaming anyone who says otherwise. I base my self confidence on what God intended us to, ***** size.
    06-08-09 10:48 AM