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    I cannot possibly be the only person who's encountered this problem, but a quick search didn't yield any answers, so here it is:

    I just got an iPhone (used to use a BB Curve) and got it all syncing with my Outlook contacts, etc. etc. However, many of my contacts have an extension that needs to be dialed after calling the main company number. In Outlook, this is designated by an "x", and my BB would ask me if I'd like to dial it and/or "Skip" dialing the extension (if the main line is a live number, for example). The iPhone is not showing me any such option...

    Please please tell me I don't manually have to go through my 1100-odd contacts and fix every phone number by adding a "pause"!

    I'm learning that the iPhone has many many great and fun features (including being able to access all my folders in OUtlook--not just the inbox), but it's definitely missing out on some of the prime elements that made a Blackberry a good business device.

    le sigh. Why can't there be one perfect phone?
    05-14-10 02:31 PM