1. prairieboy's Avatar
    When I plug my phone into itunes and want to sync my applications, it wants to delete some of my apps and will not sync any of them. Not sure how this app synch is supposed to work

    any help would be appreciated.
    12-10-10 10:49 AM
  2. mpafr012's Avatar
    If your still using the torch? iTunes does not work for anything but idevices. The torch uses the app market (I think that is the correct name).

    iTunes will only sync those apps that were purchased or downloaded with the itunes account that the computer is authorized for. If you have or used more than one itunes account, you must go into >store>authorize this computer in itunes.

    After this, you will need to select the apps you want on your iphone.
    12-12-10 08:38 PM