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    Is there a way to take the tens of thousands of texts I have saved on my phone and all my contacts with all the info with me? I am getting tired of my z10 and it seems foolish to pay 500 dollars for a Verizon z30. While sunk costs are a fallacy, I still can't overcome it and am aggrieved that I paid 600 for a z10 I will be lucky to get 150 for; the incentives to upgrade to a z30 are so minimal. I have never owned anything but a BlackBerry since I got my first smartphone for graduating high school in 2006.

    I want to know about transferability between the z10 and the iPhone. What is possible, and can it be two way?

    Additionally, is there any programs ever made to import and browse sms on the computer? I have sms backup that makes a giant file with them all in, but it has no real ui. I more or less just want the text message tab of the z10 but on a PC, with the ability to import more texts over time so I can move my data hoarding from phone to PC.

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    08-19-14 08:07 PM
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    Question for apple not a BlackBerry forum

    Q10 with Telus on
    08-19-14 08:50 PM
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    Question for apple not a BlackBerry forum

    Q10 with Telus on
    And moved....

    Edit - gotta say, after all these years, switching when 10.3 is about to release seems odd. Especially to an iPhone that will almost instantly be out of date. IMO it would be wise to wait, or try an android.
    08-19-14 08:53 PM
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    10.3 might be nice but I have had this phone for 18 months and it is time to get a nicer one. I am tired of being the only one with a BlackBerry 10 phone I have ever met. It is time to try something else. If there is some way to unify text messages, I might switch back when blackberry releases a new model.

    Also I think moving this to the apple forum is not a nice move, since I doubt I will get a proper response and the topic requires information about BB10 to answer it.

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    08-20-14 09:55 AM
    there is several pc programs that can do that good luck just google obviously I never used one since I am using a Z10(work) and a Z30 (personal).
    I have tried IOS in the past and no it is not good enough for my hundreds of emails and calendar needs once apple fix the possibility to integrate apps ( seems they will in IOS haha after so many years now apps can talk to each other while we had this in Blackberry OS back in the old days of OS 5 , 6 , 7)>
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    08-20-14 10:02 AM
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    As was said you can Google it or ask this in apple forum. Your decision is wise because by switching to iPhone you would enjoy all Apple services plus Google services only on iPhone you can be availed with services not other phone can provide. IOS is easier to use has cloud services and other platforms are building and porting their services to iOS which make it the richest platform you can ever have

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    08-26-14 03:28 PM

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