1. acoolstack's Avatar
    Don't get me wrong I love my 3G to death, but I'm drooling over iMovie! It only works for 4 and 3GS. I have a situation on my hands as well, a friend of mine wants to trade me her hd2(2 weeks old) for my 3G. I don't want to but on craigslist a lot of ppl want to trade their 16 & 32gig 3GS's for hd2's. iMovie has me very tempted to do his 3 way trade, but on YouTube guys are trying to crack it to make it work for the 3G. Confused, Very, I am(yoda voice)

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    07-17-10 04:27 AM
  2. Johnly's Avatar
    no 3g works! Iphone 4 shorts!
    07-17-10 05:44 AM
  3. Pathfinder3#CB's Avatar
    I don't think you want to run iMovie on your device. As slow as the 3G is, it'll take forever to process your projects let alone uploading to Youtube. I remember my 3G being ultra slow. I guess having Winterboard didn't help much!

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    07-18-10 04:43 AM