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    I'm strongly considering iphone4. I've been on BlackBerry for a while now. I currently use the bold 9700 and previously used the pearl 8100. I'd say I know BlackBerry pretty well. I'm thinking about picking up the 4 when I'm in Hong Kong this winter. I guess my current view is "I like BlackBerry no huge complaints, but I'm bored". The only BlackBerry app I'm in love with is socialscope.

    I'm not a business BlackBerry user. I've just been very satisfied with the messaging, email, call quality of BlackBerry. I could give 2 ****s about facetime. I'm more interested in the web browsing, email, messaging. In fact if anyone has any input on using 4 in mainland China that would be great.

    FYI: For those that don't know, Facebook is banned in China, so don't bother trying to sway me with an app. Who knows if it'll work or not.

    If anyone had been a big BlackBerry user and switched I'd appreciate any information they might have.

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    10-22-10 09:10 PM
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    Oh another thing: I have an ipod classic. I have 55gb of music, so I will not be using the iphone for music.

    With that in mind the 16gb should be fine right?

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    10-22-10 10:06 PM
  3. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    So you would basically be switching to the iPhone for the web browser it seems. I would say then that it isn't a good idea to switch. Two of the three areas you said were important to you, BBs are stronger in. Doesn't seem worth it in your case.

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    10-24-10 02:54 PM
  4. Roo Zilla's Avatar
    I haven't used my i4 in mainland China, but I did use my 3GS there last year. It works fine. I used it on China Mobile, so had EDGE for data, which was a bit slow, but everything else worked perfectly. I never even got dropped calls there, whereas I had them everyday in the USA NY/NJ area.

    Although facetime is banned in China, there are easy ways around it. For example, use VPN. That's how I accessed YouTube over there.
    10-24-10 03:01 PM
  5. mark_rivers19's Avatar
    Go. Switch. Boredom kills a lot o people.
    Seriously now, i think you made up your mind long ago even before you posted.
    10-25-10 12:48 AM
  6. fabuloso's Avatar
    Switch. That iPod will be useless because the iPhone will do its job, especially with great music apps like Pandora, I Heart Radio, Wundar Radio, DI.FM, Last.FM, and Slacker, who needs 55 Gigs of music?

    The only thing you will miss, is a physical keyboard, but, that goes away in time, and you'll learn to adjust.

    There are much more useful apps and enough memory to cram as many as you want without worrying about battery pulls or ram leaks. iPhone manages that pretty well.

    Do it. Switch. You will never look back.
    10-25-10 09:20 AM
  7. pilsbury's Avatar
    ^^^^ I agree. I used BB for the last five years, switched to the i4 three months ago and haven't looked back. The i4 is a splendid device.
    10-25-10 05:04 PM
  8. anon(13322)'s Avatar
    Get the iPhone 4. You can have everything all in one device! Trust me you'll love it!
    10-25-10 05:14 PM
  9. DX9's Avatar
    Since Jailbreaking the iPhone 4 I have now been totally obsessed with it. I was already addicted like crazy with it being stock. But with the tweaks etc you can do the iPhone is def top notch.
    10-25-10 07:43 PM
  10. lush242000's Avatar
    Get it! You won't look back.
    10-26-10 07:28 AM
  11. mad_eyes's Avatar
    Thanks for all the input.

    Allow me to clarify, I am by no means abandoning my 9700. I have long business trips in China and I'm not gonna rely on the iphone battery to keep me connected. BIS/BES is not really available in China, so my 9700 is more or less a glorified phone at this point.

    On another note, I'm very attracted to the handwriting Chinese ability. Lots of words I see and want to know, but can't find out .

    Yes I know the 55gb is excessive, but I like having all my music on me at one time haha. Unfortunately, I doubt those radio apps would function in China.
    10-26-10 07:33 AM