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    1 BOLT is just as fast and good as Safari, if not better .
    2 Screen on the Storm is the best around in the business when it comes to actual display for media
    3 ease of use for youtube is the same on the both since the app is the same. difference is native att 3g is no where to be found, VZW is 85% of america
    4 apps are cheap or free on storm as well.
    5 internet browser through safari is awesome....if you get service, thanks for repeating yourself
    5 GPS is BETTER on a BB any day of the week

    Keep telling yourself your walking around with a "Godly" phone, you just were not qualified for an ADVANCED device and needed to be dumb-ey downed .

    PS Go find an apple site, this site is for BB users, cant you see that your not wanted Jobs Zombie.
    I guess I will join in on the party.

    1. Bolt is only as fast because everything is rendered for you through the Bolt servers, not on your device. Without this, it would be just as slow as the native BB browser. Bolt is nowhere near as good as Safari. Do some research before you spit out misinformation.

    2. See Jeli's post.

    3. Ease of use for YouTube on the Storm is nowhere near the same on the iPhone. If you really think it is the same quality is the same, you are blind. The App isn't the same.

    So, you're a Verizon fanboy too. I have perfect service with AT&T where I live. It is all about location. I can care less that Verizon has the best coverage. Where I am, AT&T coverage is great, and I get to take advantage of GSM 3G. Not to mention the faster data speeds.

    4. Apps are not cheap for the Storm. Apps are not really cheap for any BB if you want a decent one. There are free apps on the iPhone that put BB paid apps to shame.

    5. You are a tool. I'm happy you like Verizon, but they're not the best for everyone.

    6. I am labeling this 6 because I guess in your OP you forgot how to count. I have not had one problem with GPS on my iPhone. Not to mention the iPhone has great GPS apps. Both my iPhone and Bold work great for GPS services.

    I don't think anyone here said the iPhone is a "Godly" phone. Notice how you don't see tons of complaints in this forum about the iPhone. The users here are generally happy and satisfied with the iPhone. I'm sorry if you see positive remarks about the device. I mean it was rated number one for consumer satisfaction. Ratings | J.D. Power)

    No one told you to come here and read this thread. No one told you to enter the iPhone sub-forum. Why are you telling people to go to an Apple site? Obviously CrackBerry felt the need to add and iPhone section to the forums. Take it up with Kevin if you have a problem.

    Also, many of the iPhone users on this forum are currently using a BB also or have had a BB before. Do not try to spit nonsense because we have good experience with both platforms. Also, your opinion does not matter when you completely make it known that you are a BB fanboy. It just shows your ignorance.
    09-29-09 03:58 AM
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