1. flatlined's Avatar
    I emailed Squaretrade about something with covering my refurb iPhone 3GS and they said that Squaretrade does not cover refurb iPhones is this True?

    12-08-09 11:02 AM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    I could see that being true, but how would they know? I would assume only Apple & AT&T (as well as authorized retailers) have access to that.
    12-08-09 11:12 PM
  3. stuaw11's Avatar
    I was going to say how would they know?

    And further that wouldnt make any sense, what if you broke a phone and you got a refurb, they wouldnt honor the rest of your insurance? Something is off with that.

    I just got a refurb coming back from a 9700 ($250 for a 32gb) and its a refurb, but according to the Applecare left on it its only 2.5 months old (Applecare good until Sept 20 2010). I dont see what the difference is or how theyd know vs a brand new one 2.5 months old.
    12-08-09 11:50 PM
  4. anon1579562's Avatar
    I just emailed them today and their answer was no.
    12-26-09 12:20 PM
  5. joshwithachance's Avatar
    that makes no sense...
    apple only replaces iphones with refurbs...
    12-27-09 09:53 AM
  6. MyBlackberryUnlock's Avatar
    Do they advertise this up front? Lots of people buy squaretrade warranties up front from ebay and other sites when they buy used phones. I thought SquareTrade had a MAJOR portion of their business coming from used devices?
    12-27-09 04:46 PM
  7. anon1579562's Avatar
    When you choose iPhone from their website, there is no option for refurb; so yes, its pretty obvious. They may warranty used items, just not iPhones. What sucks is that you can buy a 32GB refurb iPhone 3Gs for $149! 90 day warranty? No thanks.
    12-27-09 04:55 PM
  8. joshwithachance's Avatar
    so what do people with refurbished iphones use? applecare doesn't cover physical damage...
    12-27-09 08:33 PM
  9. anon1579562's Avatar
    so what do people with refurbished iphones use? applecare doesn't cover physical damage...

    Luck? This is why I have decided against a refurb-2 year contract and a 90 day warranty.

    BTW BestBuy is going to start selling refurbs soon. Theirs will have a 1 year warranty and I am sure they will offer their $16/month service plan.
    12-27-09 08:47 PM