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    turns out there's a lot of upset people who are accusing apple of selling personal info. this is stated because some iphone users have lost "said info" after using apples mobile me. the problem with this case is, those who use mobile me or any kind of server should know that it's almost never secure. people have found ways to break & or hack into these accounts & steal information. i don't think anything is gonna hold up cause lets me honest here. it's stated in the fine print that it's not a secure network & you shouldn't use it for items you wish to be secure.

    i just thought that was kinda funny...
    11-04-09 01:32 PM
  2. stuaw11's Avatar
    Havent heard of a court case or anything to be filed, but itd be ridiculous. If they arent selling it, then they arent doing anything wrong by the law. As said, data can be retrieved if someone REALLY wants it; they arent responsible for that. I also dont buy that losing data equates to it being stolen/sold (look at the recent Sidekick debacle for instance). Theres a huge gap in logic missing there.
    11-04-09 01:58 PM
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    agreed, but i've spoken with a friend of mine who works in chat support for mobile me & she was telling me how people will try to get steal info by pretending to be someone else. she told me about one lady who said she didn't know the security question that she set up. that question was, "what town was your 1st born child born in?" and this person couldn't answer that & signed out. people are crazy. they lose something & try to oint fingers instead of realizing that it's not a good idea to post personal information on any type of server.
    a guy on another site said he was talking with his attorney to take apple to court over loss of information from is ipod touch. why anyone would use an ipod or phone to store this type of information is beyond me. but then to point fingers at apple for such an unrealistic clame is something i can't wrap my brain around.
    11-04-09 02:17 PM
  4. Coruptyed's Avatar
    havent heard anything about this do you have a link or source?
    11-04-09 06:23 PM
  5. scis30's Avatar
    hmm, i'm thinking about mobile me...this might turn me off to it
    11-04-09 09:40 PM
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    i do have a friend who works for apple in the mobile me department. what you have to realize is, it's not a bad thing is use. but along with that being said it isn't a secure network. there's no such thing as a "secure wireless network" it just doesn't exist. if it's wireless it can be hacked. that's not apple's fault. they state in the contract that you shouldn't use it for with classified information.

    here's the thing with apple selling your information. if they did infact sell it. they would have records of the transactions that take place. those transactions would have to be brought into court other wise they would be held for with holding evidence. but they don't have anything like that because they don't sell people's information. for years apple has been known to make software for business's & running specific kind of software. why would they turn around & screw the pooch by selling off info of people they want as customers? they people taking action against apple are just mad that they made a mistake & want to blame someone else. so this time, they blame apple.
    11-05-09 09:58 AM
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    I've had MobileMe for over a year... it has been excellent for me so far. I have the family package (5 users) and everyone loves it, no issues.
    11-05-09 11:15 AM