01-20-11 03:08 PM
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  1. Garz's Avatar
    I'm thinking they're going to integrate everything into one phone. It doesn't make sense to have one exclusive to each carrier and make their workload double what it already is.

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    I agree with you on this
    01-18-11 02:15 PM
  2. rocky271's Avatar
    Such a hard decision. It's only going to be 4 months away, and if it is a huge upgrade a lot of us will be very upset locked in to contracts. However, I've been waiting so long I just want to take the plunge. I already downloaded like 25 apps to iTunes just waiting for the phone to sync it with. The good news about the iphone is it has a HIGH resale value, we could most likely recapture $400 on eBay in June and buy iPhone 5 off contract
    01-18-11 07:30 PM
  3. anneemonster's Avatar
    I can't wait any longer either. Even if the 5 does come out this summer, I'm sure there isn't going to be any major changes. The things I've heard are possibly a led light, sd slot, and possibly more space. Stuff I could live without. Just depends on the person I guess

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    01-18-11 07:53 PM
  4. RoadieCracker's Avatar
    VZW won't get the new iPhone 5 until next January at the soonest. Even with the change in exclusivity for the iPhone 4, there's still an arrangement for AT&T to get the next phone in advance of VZW to help maintain a "healthy" relationship between Apple and their US partner that helped launch the series.
    01-18-11 10:24 PM
  5. Shodan775's Avatar
    I've thought about this for a long time. Read a ton of posts, websites, speculators, sooth-sayers, tea leaf readers and bloggers. In the end, I believe the iPhone 4 to be a more enjoyable experience than my 9650 so I'll make the switch.

    The "outdated" iPhone4 is still years ahead of my 9650 in many areas so I'll end up with major improvements regardless of how old the iPhone4 is. If it turns out that the iPhone5 comes out in June/July then so be it...technology moves so fast anymore that the iPhone5 will likely be outdated before you read this post.

    Worst case- I give the iPhone4 to my non-techie wife and get the iPhone5 when it comes out if it's really so much more amazing than the 4...
    You can't go wrong with the iphone4.. it's also perfect for non-techie people. I gave it to my mother to try it out (beside my torch) and she wants my iphone, she says it's "simple".

    This is coming from a 62 year old woman who had problems turning on a DVD player.
    01-18-11 10:29 PM
  6. mbaverizon's Avatar
    Folks, I know for a fact that Verizon will get the Iphone 5. What sucks is so many people will be locked into 2 year contracts and wont' get the Iphone 5 when it comes out because they signed up for the outdate Iphone 4. I wonder if they realize their Iphone 4 will be 31 months old by the time they can get a new phone.

    The Iphone 4 has been out 7 months + your 24 month contract = 31 months.

    Verizon screws the public again!!
    can you please tell us how you know that, i can wait if i knew for sure
    01-19-11 02:04 AM
  7. anneemonster's Avatar
    I'm really looking forward to taking the plunge into iphone territory, just kind of bummed that verizon isn't allowing any early upgrades. Although, when I check my eligibility on both the apple website and the verizon wireless website, they say I am eligible to get the phone for the $199 new contract price (verizon says I could possibly have a $20 non-refundable early ugrade fee which is no big deal). Guess I just have to wait till the 10th and see for myself...

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    01-19-11 11:14 AM
  8. LazyStarGazer's Avatar
    From: Steve Jobs


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    01-19-11 10:41 PM
  9. tech_head's Avatar
    Look at it this way.
    AT&T and Apple still sell the iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4 has been out for almost a year.
    Verizon introduced the DroidX and it is already schedule to drop off the charts in March. Not even a 9 month life. The Droid 2 was followed by the Droid 2 Global only months later.

    It is not inconceivable that the iPhone 5 would be a world phone and Apple would continue to sell the iPhone 4 on both carriers and an iPhone 5 that will work on all carriers. I’m not saying it will happen, just it is not beyond the scope of what companies have done to introduce a phone that augments the line only months after a previous introduction.

    The DroidX has been out for 6 months and the new flagship Droid, the Droid Bionic has already been announced.
    01-20-11 03:08 PM
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