05-01-10 05:29 PM
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  1. stuaw11's Avatar
    Produce statistics then to back your claim, because the average person isnt as tech friendly as some of us and needs help in the store setting it up, transferring contacts, tutorials, etc. that you dont get ordering online.
    05-01-10 05:20 PM
  2. grover5's Avatar
    Unlimited everything before taxes is 79.99 on tmo and 119.99 on at&t.
    05-01-10 05:26 PM
  3. stuaw11's Avatar
    But were talking about OP's 450min, data and texts which is $10 difference a month between Tmo and ATT/VZW.

    OP's statement is Sprint is so much cheaper and you get more- gps, etc all thrown in, and the reason is sprint is bleeding customers and kind of HAS to throw the farm at people to get them to use them.
    05-01-10 05:29 PM
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