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    I've been searching around and can't find a definitive answer as to whether att iphone 4 cases fit the verizon phones. Has anyone had any problems with buttons lining up? Main concern seems to be the mute button between the 2 phones. My wife ordered a custom case logic case not realizing it may not fit properly. Any help would be appreciated. Are her worries warranted or will it fit just fine?

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    03-06-11 09:16 AM
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    Physically the phones are the same dimensions, but the Verizon silent(vibrate)/Audible alert button has a slightly lower placement than the At&T. The power off button and the volume up down are in the same location though. I have two cases, one from CaseMate, that was specifically made for the Verizon I4, that of course fits perfectly, but I use a Griffin Reveal as a daily case and on that I had to trim about 3mm from the silent/audible opening. Depending on the quality of the manufacturing process, but what I have found, the better the quality, the tighter the tolerances are and odds are the Case Logic may not work. If the case has a "opening" for that silent/audible, volume control area then it should, but if any of the buttons are specifically designed to be covered, then you may need to alter the case to get it to fit. Hope this is useful.
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    Generally speaking, if the Silent/Volume button opening is a large one (no exact fitting design for the three buttons), the case will fit both phone versions. So, look for a case made specifically for it or one that's got just one large opening on the side where those buttons are and you're all set. There are a lot of single opening ones to choose from. If you're at a store and you're not sure if it'll fit or not, just ask to open the package or open it and try to fit it. If it works, buy it, if not, put it back on the shelf.
    03-06-11 10:08 AM
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    Even if you come up on a case with an exact fit design to an AT&T iPhone, it's not that big of a nuisance to reach the vibrate switch. I use my bumper sometimes (AT&T one) and it's not that big of a hassle. Use an otterbox defender here and there and same deal.
    03-06-11 03:57 PM
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    My favorite cases are the feather lite cases by Incipio. They fit both the Verizon and AT&T iphones.
    03-07-11 04:52 PM